Miracle Glossy BB Cream by Reskin (Review)

Our friends from 08Liter USA were kind enough to pick once again me to share my thoughts on a K-Beauty product for free. This time, the product is a BB Cream from a brand called Reskin.

This BB Cream called TS, has SPF 30 PA+++ (PA stands for Protection Grade of UV-A, which is  a designation used in Japan to rate the UVA protection of a sunscreen, whereas the SPF number is about the sun’s UVB rays; very few countries that have a UVA rating reference) and it claims to have moisturizing and brightening properties, besides of illuminating and lifting the skin.


I was sent a shade that it is completely a shade for a pale girl, meaning the shade, being the only one from its type, is super- duper light and kinda pink based for my skin tone (I’m always in the middle of the skin shade spectrum). But since I wanted to see what it does, I still tried it of course.

Before going further, it’s good to mention that in Korean beauty trends, Koreans do not like pigmentation or dark tonification in their skin. They always look for ways to clarify the skin to make it look paler, spotless and bright. That’s why we hardly see foundations or BB Creams meant for skins that are far from being pale in Korean beauty, and in this case with this brand, we can only find only one shade of color, which would be considered the fairest of the shades.

Pump dispenser helps not to waste product.

The instructions say we should applied it to the skin using basic skincare, which I assumed could be our regular moisturizer and primer. So I applied them and then proceeded with the BB application. It felt kinda heavy when buffing, but not so much at the same time, because while it is very liquid, the texture made it feel like I was applying a more creamier foundation, without stopping being liquid,  if that makes sense. It also felt like I was applying a face cream that was not sticky, kinda mixed with a face oil that also did not felt oily at all. Indescribable, better said, but indescribable good.

As I expected, I looked like a geisha after distributing all the product (I used like 4 drops and then buffed all over with a brush). But I could see what the purpose of this beauty balm was, despite of not being a match for my skin tone: it made my eyes to look much less tired than they looked before application and my pores were completely gone. Gone. Also the redness on the sides of my nostrils and dark circles were concealed, as this BB Cream also contains concealing agents. The dullness on my forehead was cancelled and it gave a uniform fair shade to my skin, meaning no patches of the color of my skin underneath the balm.


So if this BB Cream did this to me, that I’m a medium skinned gal, imagine what it can do if y’all happen to be fair skinned who matches her skin to this shade. Your skin will look like porcelain from a China tea set, flawless and glossy without having to apply a lot of product, one layer of this beauty balm is more than enough to cover all the face. And it did not sink in my fine lines, so that is definitely a big win for me.

My skin felt so peachy skinned that I decided to wear it for the day. Of course I didn’t leave it just like that, I had to fix the shade to make it look proper for my skin tone using my Skinfinish by MAC in Medium Beige, to finally make it look as my own skin for a full face for that day (NOT including the before-before the BB Cream ’cause I don’t want to scare y’all, I look truly scary):


Have you ever tried an authentic K-Beauty BB Cream? If so, which is your favorite? Do you prefer BB Creams or foundations? I believe I like the two, one for everyday makeup in summer and the other one for more “sophisticated” occasions, meaning more covering of imperfections. Share your thoughts on these with me in the comments, I’m so happy to be around once again that I want to know about y’all! ♥

~ XoXo ♥


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