Play! by Sephora – The Summer Starters (Review)

So my phone has been dying in the past weeks and that’s why I went absent after a month of nicely being active here. It sucks because I have no real camera to back myself up for when the moment my phone dies completely happens. But it is now giving the very best of itself, in a last effort I think. And I’m taking advantage of it ’til the end.

Today I’m bringing the old news (typical from me) of my Sephora Play! monthly box and I had to make this post despite of not liking it but just a bit, because I needed: 1) content for my poor, abandoned blog and 2) to rant.

Lets first see one of the nice parts of this month and that would be the fabric pouch everything came nicely packaged in:


Then lets move forward to the next part that I didn’t like: the overall look of the content for this month. The display, although not good, makes them look like a decent content.


What’s wrong in this picture? Very simple: 4 skincare / hair care items and just 1 makeup sample. And that because they didn’t include a sample I was supposed to receive. Ugh, no! I really wanted to rejoice when I saw that 1 of those 4 yucky samples could actually be considered not a fail, but then after giving it a try, it didn’t work for me. So it took the number of useful samples down to 1. One single sample that actually is worth this month. Don’t y’all love when this happens with your subscription boxes?

What I received (from the picture above, clockwise):

Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 by Murad. I previously received the same sample as a free sample with a Sephora order, they messed up and sent it in replacement for a luxury perfume sample I requested, I tried it since it says it is a primer. Not it only didn’t do anything for my skin but for my pores it didn’t do anything as well.

Curl Charisma Leave In Defining Créme by Briogeo. Meh. I got sick of samples from this brand on my ipsy bags, they definitely did squat for my hair. How can I know if something is worth to purchase its full size version if the sample doesn’t have enough amount of product for a least 2 weeks to start seeing results (and that if your hair is nice and starts showing anything)?

Don’t Blow It Hair Styler by Bumble And Bumble. The only thing that gives some style to my hair while taming it is hair mousse and this is not it. So no thanks.

Tart Guard Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by Tarte. This is the sample I tried to make work for me, but unfortunately is too pink for my yellowish a*s, making it look lighter once applied on my face. In the bottle looks like a good match for my skin tone, but it is actually a bummer. Here’s a “swatch” of it, just to let you see how the product looks. I didn’t include a blended swatch because of its nature (tinted moisturizer) that makes it almost invisible when blended, so my camera can’t take a good pic of the color.

The formula is good tho, it gives a nice sensation of hydration and smoothness to the face without being sticky and it dries up pretty fast.


Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub by Kat Von D. Of course as someone who wants makeup items (I wish all beauty subscription boxes were actually makeup boxes), this was the only sample I feel was worth from the box this month. First, because it is my very first time trying a KVD lipstick and second, because the lovely color.

It feels a bit sticky at the beginning and it takes a while for the sticky feeling to go away. It also takes a while to dry completely. It is not a non transferable lipstick, so it can stain your coffee mug, bae’s lips (but not too much) and just anything else.  The formula is still very comfortable to wear and I don’t mind having to retouch my lips every now and then.


Excuse the above pic showing my not so pretty face, but I truly liked this lipstick and it deserved to be showed in more than 1 picture.

I haven’t been wowed by the box in the last 3 months. Also, it is the second time I’m missing a sample in it (the sample missing here is a sample of Alien perfume, a fragrance I really like) and they don’t send replacements for missing samples, so if it comes like this one next month, I’m definitely canceling it.

What did y’all receive in your boxes? I have a feeling this month was a bummer for almost all, considering what I saw others received. But maybe it’s just me that I really don’t like skincare and hair care samples. Let me know in the comments!

~ XoXo




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