DreamWorks Trolls 16 Eye Shadow Palette by PÜR Cosmetics

How’s was the weekend for y’all? For me was upside down with children already on vacations that have more energy on Saturdays now that school has ended, so it was pretty much busy for me. For that and for swatching a new adition to my makeup collection that, besides of being a great product, it was a real bargain (at least for me it was)!

Today I’m introducing to my lovely readers this cute palette made of 16 eyeshadows from PÜR Cosmetics that was inspired by the film Trolls from DreamWorks. I’m so happy I grabbed this one when they did a restock, because everything about this palette is worth the money (and keep it as a collection item if wanted), starting with the packaging, which has a very glossy finish:


Although I’d love if they made the box of real glittery carton, I still think the make believe of it with a picture looks good enough. The back of the packaging comes with a lovely image of Poppy on it (I had to hide away this one from my daughter because of this reason, she’s crazy about Trolls and loves everything with them on it):


The palette is very light weighted and it has a very neat, minimalist design. It includes a mirror, which has an image of Poppy’s shape in white and the PÜR logo on it. Please excuse the bad quality on the next picture y’all about to see. My phone sucks at taking pictures from certain distance to fit a whole item in the same image. That and it also sucks with artificial light. But the real colors of the pans can still be appreciated as y’all can see:


The only disadvantage I find about this packaging and its materials, is that it stains very easily, so it can look messy if y’all don’t take good care of it.

This palette has 6 mattes (Bridget, Wisdom, Fuzzy, Poppy, Hugger and DJ Suki) and the other 10 are a mix of satin and shimmery finish. All of them feel really buttery to the touch and glide on the skin beautifully, packing a great pop of color with each application. All of them except for Karma, a gold shimmer shadow that ran kinda patchy for me. I had to do a bit more of work to apply it on my arm when swatching it. Then with primer on my eyelid, it gave a color payoff, but I still had to make sure to saturate the lid well to ensure full coverage that showed the color true to what it looks in the pan.


The quality of these shadows is a mix of the quality from Crown Brushes (which are great eye shadows with great color payoff for the price) and the texture / finish from Urban Decay eye shadows. They blend beautifully with my fluffy blending eye brush. Which takes me to another department: the fallout.

My favorite row of swatches for this palette!

The only one that had fallout was Bergentown. I have to pick the eyeshadow carefully, otherwise I will have chunks of powder here and there. But this color in particular and Satin & Chenille are the ones I loved the most from this palette (followed by Pop Icon, Branch and Creek): it looks blah on the outside, but has a lot of happiness in the inside just like in the movie (corny I know, but I couldn’t help it): the satin finish with the gold nano glitter (if that makes sense) in it makes it the hottest color in the palette for a smokey eye.

This palette has everything in it: color, variety and lots of fun. Definitely one of the best palettes I have ever purchased. So happy to own it! It is currently still in stock on PÜR’s website and there are several codes around the internet that gives a good discount on your purchases. So let me know if y’all grabbed it too and if y’all loved it as I do!

~ XoXo ♥



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