Confidence in a Compact by IT Cosmetics (Review)

One of my all time favorite brands from department stores is It Cosmetics. My favorite star product from them is their CC Cream. That thing is just amaze-balls with my face: it color corrects my skin, it gives full coverage to my flaws and leaves my face flawless and with no texture-looking.

So when I had the chance to repurchase to replace my tube of CC Cream, I don’t know what made me think about trying a new base was a good idea. 0K I’ll be honest, it is because as a blogger (or at least that’s what I try to be) I tend to have the need to try new products to share my opinions on them publicly in social media. Maybe because I love looking for new foundation options too.



But also because well, it is IT Cosmetics and I had never met a product of them that disappointed me, ever. Until I tried their most recent add to their product collection: their Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+ Solid Super Serum.

I was truly very excited to try this product, as it promises to help with skincare benefits. Also because it has a very light scent that reminds me over key lime pie (don’t judge me). Well, in my case, it helped to enhance my skin concerns. I’ll explain that in a moment.

Lets start with the packaging: it is a gorgeous, chrome-finished compact that comes with 0.63 oz. / 18 g of product. Its design looks like a cushion compact, but without cushion and with a solid foundation instead. It has 7 shades available, from which I chose Medium because Light Medium looked too light form my medium, olive- toned skin. The other medium option is Medium Tan, but that looked too dark for me. It includes a small round sponge to apply it, which of course I didn’t use.


Everything looked fine. In the compact, the serum looks really like the kind of medium for me (yellow based medium). So I swirled my brush firmly (as per instructions to activate the serum foundation and its properties) and started applying. I applied with a contour brush  (a chisel brush) first, then I proceeded to buff out the product with a makeup blending sponge.

I was shocked to find out not only the shade was not my match at all, the finish made me look ashy as hell. Then when going close to the window to check with sunlight, my face looked pink! I  felt so disappointed! Then thanks to my procrastinating self, this compact now has become a dust collector, because the 30 days of guarantee for returns and exchanges were due long time ago and now I can’t send it back to the company (I bought it directly from their website).


And my fine lines looked terribly enhanced thanks to the cakey finish it took after blending it on them. I was horrified by then so I ended up wiping everything off. But then I tried it again to give it another chance to see the performance (maybe I didn’t apply it correctly and that’s why I wasn’t seeing the results it claims it gives). Well, wrong again. This time I paid attention to the finish: not only it doesn’t give full coverage, it leaves the face texture looking more evident after the 3 needed layers of product to get something close to full coverage.

The redness of my small breakouts were not totally covered until I applied 3 layers and they were still visible to the sight, which is something my beloved CC cream never leaves behind. For the price ($38.00 USD), I think this serum gives very poor results compared to its claims, claims that can be achieved with just any good foundation from the drugstore.

For unknown reasons, the pink undertone cannot be appreciated in the picture as in real life. This is how Confidence In A Compact Serum looks like in a single stroke swatch and blended.

So y’all can imagine that I’ll stick to my good, o’l CC cream from now on. That and I’ll also remember to buy IT Cosmetics from Sephora in case I have to make a return, because IT Cosmetics’ website doesn’t give free returns, one has to pay S&H to send them the products back to claim either a full refund, credit or item exchange.

Other products that I love from IT Cosmetics are their Naturally Pretty eye shadow palettes (from which collection I own two), their Bye Bye Pores! Setting Powder (both compact and loose), their Bye Bye Pores! Blush and their Bye Bye Pores! Face Primer. All of them great products that do magic to the face (at least on mine they do).

I would love to know if any of my lovely readers has tried this product and if it worked for them. How much y’all love it and why? Share with me please with a comment, I’m honestly curious about it (no pun intended)!

~ XoXo ♥



  1. I love IT Cosmetics, but I have tried this and didn’t care for it either. I chose the light and it was so orange on my skin! IT’s CC Cream in light is a great match, but this really wasn’t. I have been enjoying their powder foundations for summer.


    • Thank you. They’re not drugstore brand, they’re prestige and they’re sold at Sephora anf Ulta Beauty. They’re pricey but they’re mostly worth the splurge. My reference with the drugstore foundations was to point out that this product performed less than a foundation from the drugstore.


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