My Experience on getting prepared to become a MUA with Color Du Jour

Howdy! I did it again, I know! I left once again, leaving my blog abandoned as usual 😥 . But this time I had a big reason to do it so and I’m ready to share it with y’all the why. I even have pictures for y’all to see!

Even arriving there was exciting!

So, two Saturdays ago, I attended an auto-makeup class (to learn how to properly apply makeup on myself) called The Color Du Jour Experience done by the best of best in makeup here, Alaina Salilsbury a.k.a. Color Du Jour Makeup. I loved the experience so much that I said “why not attending her next classes, so I can improve my skills to become a makeup artist?” (meaning seriously a pro, ’cause until now I’ve been doing makeup only on friends). So I gathered my stuff (makeup and tools) and attended her next class the next Saturday (meaning last Saturday), which is the Color Du Jour Pro series I, the first out of 3 classes in this series.CDJPro1.jpg

Both classes were the best of best in a long time for me! Mostly because it was my first time ever meeting Alaina in person. I’ve been following her for almost 4 years now (she was below 30K fans on Instagram back then, I believe) and I’ve watched her grow in popularity there, always improving as a makeup artist and business woman. Y’all can imagine how that very moment when I was finally there in front of her (yes, goofy laugh and gummy smile included. I’d be embarrassed of myself too if I was my own friend and say:Y’all. Don’t talk to me!“).

Anyway, I learned so much in both classes! Alaina and her husband Josh are definitely the team every marriage should look at to get inspiration from, because both of them compliment each other so well! They both have worked so hard to build their company and that’s why it is a huge success here. They both shared how they do it breaking it down as simple as possible for attendants, so they can grow as business persons too, not just as artists.

The class in session.

I was definitely really nervous in the Pro Series Class, because I have too little experience working on other people’s faces and this class is completely for makeup artists with an established business and of course, lots of experience on other people. In other words, well established makeup artists (although she welcomes beginners like me too, but it is highly recommendable to have some background of experience as makeup artists).


BUT I did it good at the end thanks to Alaina’s patience (I think the root of her talent is teaching, because she was a school teacher for 4 years and now she enjoys teaching others with her classes and she does it so well!) and willingness to teach her secrets as a makeup artist. She checks every detail on her student’s works carefully to give her best advice to improve it and that is a huge help. One can really see the difference when she adds her magical touch afterwards.

Alaina in action in the Color Du Jour Pro Series I class.

And speaking of magic, the way she works with her brushes when applying makeup, makes her look like the fairy queen of makeup.

Here’s my pretty model at the end of the class. I still cannot believe I had the opportunity to learn from Alaina and ended up doing this girl’s gorgeous face. By the way, I completely forgot to take a picture of how she looked before applying makeup. She was the last model to arrive and when she did, everybody was starting working on their models, so I started right away as soon as my model sat down with me:


So now I have more hours added to my academic education to become a makeup artist, yay! All I have to do is take more confidence on my skills to start taking clients and build my own small empire as a makeup artist, which I pray I can become with all my heart.

And of course I could not miss the chance of taking a picture with beautiful Alaina (note: she looks as stunning in person as in her pictures!):

Clockwise: Alaina with yours truly; me on my pretty model’s face in action and yours truly again with my certificate of completion

So what have y’all been up to in my absence? Share with me in the comments and let me know if y’all have attended a class given by your pro makeup idol too!

~ XoXo ♥


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