Makeup Classics: Energy Noir palette by tarte Cosmetics (Review & Swatches)

Howdy! Today I came with the idea of starting a tag where I show old (as pretty much everything I own) makeup gems that are still great to use after a while from their release to the market (hence the “classics”). I came with this idea while using the first little gem I’m gonna start this tag with: the Energy Noir eyeshadow palette by tarte Cosmetics.

I have used this small,  classy looking palette countless times and I still have a lot of product to use to at least start being close to hit the pans. It is my all time favorite from tarte.


* A bit of story *

Season and year of release : Spring 2015

Categories: Eye shadows, blush, highlighter.

Edition: Part of a limited time makeup  collection with the same name that included lip products.

This palette was released by tarte in collaboration with global celebrity and makeup artist Huda Kattan, one of tarte’s bombshells (women that represented tarte’s ideals back then). It consists of 8 eye shadow pans (2 shimmery and 6 matte), 1 blush and 1 highlighter. The main colors in this palette are brown and purple. The compact is small but handy and it has a mirror on the whole back of the lid.

I missed the chance to buy it when it was freshly released for sale, but when they did a restock (like with almost all of tarte’s things labeled as “limited edition”) I did not hesitate and bought it. It just had my name all over it, mainly because Huda was my woman crush at that moment. It took me half a year later to have the chance to open it and start enjoying it (as a makeup hoarder, I tend to put away my new makeup on a drawer or container and forget about it because I have so many products already opened, don’t judge me 😛)


I’m so happy I got this palette because it is my go-to for any makeup look.  Misty Mauve, Full Moon and Stone Unturned have been my most used transition colors when I do a full face.

The eye shadows are very silky, a common for most tarte pressed powder products. The pigmentation they have is really great, even Full Moon that is a very pale shade, leaves the eyelids truly packed with color. One simple stroke was needed from each of these shadows to leave a great, visible mark for the swatches on my arm (of course I had to complete the stripes for aesthetic purposes of my picture). The blush also leaves a very nice amount of color, despite of being a pale pink. And the hihglighter? So much “YAS!” about it when blending it on my cheeks.


They blend smoothly and easily, none of them are patchy (even without primer! how great is that?) nor have fallout. It is practically an almost perfect palette worth keeping and still buy it if possible.

Most of these shadows are intended for smoky eye looks, but natural looks can also be done using the lightest shades, the blush and highlighter by themselves. Crystal Spark (the highlighter) can be used as eye shadow as well.

Here are some quick swatches of the blush and highlighter. The blush is intentionally not blended to appreciate its color (blended would show up better on the face, but I’m too shy to take selfies frequently and make it available to the public):

(Stroke: Application of product in one motion on the skin)

The only problem I have with this palette is the size of the highlighter: too small for me! I love bathing my cheekbones in highlighter and the size makes difficult to swirl a regular highlighter brush in it, I have to actually use a fluffy blending eye brush to pick the product out of the pan. But the look it gives after blended is as intense as the swatch not blended.

The cost of this palette is $38.00 USD and it is currently still available only on QVC (for USA). Did any of y’all have it too? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

~ XoXo ♥



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