Make Believe In Yourself – Unicorn Inspired Magic Wands by tarte (Review)

So I will probably not be around for a while. Again. Not because of me but because of circumstances out of my hands. I will update my blog as much as I can until the day I cannot come any more and heaven help me to come back at it again. It costs me effort to do this and I’d not like to have to quit it completely. I hope y’all are still here when I’m back!

Anyway, tonight I’m bringing these that are probably old news, but of course I still wanted to make an entry here after seeing these all around social media. So here they are: the Unicorn Inspired Magic Wands (makeup brushes) by tarte Cosmetics.

Earlier this spring, tarte Cosmetics released this Unicorn / Magic inspired collection composed of a new eye shadow palette (which is marked down to $30 USD right now at Sephora’s website, reg $42 USD), a special edition of their Flash, Camera, Lashes! mascara (with an holographic packaging), a rainbow highlighter, a liquid highlighter, two new lip paint colors and the Magic Wands, which were the only ones I could afford (haha).


I thought these were over hyped (like almost everything from tarte, considering who are the ones who promote this brand over and over again), but after having them in my hands and trying them, I found out that indeed they were. BUT it doesn’t mean they are not good at all, no sire!

First of all, despite of the handles being made of plastic, there’s nothing cheaply made / looking about these brushes. The quality of the details (the unicorn horn shape, tarte’s name engraving) is excellent.

Now about the bristles: the material is (cruelty free) synthetic fiber that comes in different color for each brush (which I personally think they should have skipped one mint and one purple to add yellow and maybe a white, iridescent one but anyways), which also doesn’t look cheap at all. The feeling these bristles give reminds me a lot of the pink bristles of the white brushes from a famous drugstore brand that is also cruelty free.

The big, pink fluffy brush is, of course, to apply powder. But I feel like the bristles are a bit too large and fluffy to manage properly when using it to apply blushes and highlighters. Doesn’t do bad though, at the end,  if used for those two.

The next big one with a flat head, the chisel brush, it is also very soft and not so firm as I am used on this type of brush. To my taste, this one is good to apply powders to contour, but it is not so good with liquids: they can look streaky the more layers of them we apply with it.


Then there comes the other fluffy one with a medium sized head, that can buff and leave a better, smoother finish to what the chisel brush applies. Also to apply blushes and highlighters, better than with the huge pink one.

And then we have the two eye brushes, one flat and one fluffy to pack the eyes with color and blend them well. The flat one its a bit smaller than most flat eye brushes, it doesn’t pick a lot of product but it can pack the eyelids with good pigmentation after a few applications. And the fluffy, crease brush blends good.  Although not my favorite from the set, it does its purpose correctly.

Overall: this is a set good for fans of tarte and makeup / makeup tool collectors for being aesthetically pleasing. They are good to be used now and then, to “feel the luxury” for using a product from a prestige brand like tarte. But they’re definitely not to use, lets say, on a daily and continuous basis like on clients, because they do not perform as good as professional brushes do and they may shed easily if heavily used.

This brush set was limited edition and it is currently sold out on all tarte’s authorized retailers. Of course, there are vendors on eBay trying to make an extra buck out of people selling these for no less than $50 USD (they were originally priced at $39 USD) and selling them separately starting at $16 USD a piece. If y’all think you still want them and pay all that money for them, go ahead and buy them, whatever makes y’all happy of course! But just keep in mind, they’re more of an ornament than handy tools. Y’all were warned (he he)!

~ XoXo ♥



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