Smoke It Out Too 35 Color Eye Shadow Palette by Crown Brush (Swatches & First Impressions)

Y’all. This Memorial weekend I had it so busy! But it was so good I will definitely make an entry about it here after I finally finish with the project with pictures and all. But for the moment is kind of a secret.

Meanwhile, now that I’m back to reality: I have brought today one of the 2 purchases I did on Haute Look almost a month ago, and this time it’s not my fault that I’m reviewing it this late, as it always is.

Well, in part it is ’cause I received it one week ago, I’ll be honest. But seriously tho, 2 of the huge disadvantages of Haute Look are the $100 minimum of purchases to get flat shipping for free, and that they ship the items once the events are over. After that, they send the orders they got to the brands and then ship the orders to the customers after the brands sends them. That’s why they take that long.Β But the waiting is really worth it because of the prices and the quality of the products they feature. And some of them are from Crown Brush.


Today’s unboxing, swatches and first impressions are about their Smoke It Out Too 35 Color Eye Shadow Palette. This was a compulsive purchase (like almost all makeup I own). I was only browsing to find this gorgeous palette I saw on Crown’s histories on Instagram that I fell in love with (called Blizzard, another gem for which I will make a post and swatches too) for its colors and the price they were offering it for. I’m so, so happy I bought it compulsively, ’cause, besides of having a lot of beautiful colors, it has one of the best qualities I’ve ever tried. Seriously!

First of all, the thing we all are interested about when purchasing eye shadows: the pigmentation. For this palette it is really intense. Literally none of these gave me not even a bit of hard time to swatch them. Nada. All of them feel so buttery to the touch and glided smoothly on my arm, leaving beautiful swatches afterwards. Just take a look of the intense pigmentation on my finger prints:


And these are after doing the strips for swatching on my arm. I am so impressed by this palette, I can’t believe it was $9.95! Y’all read that right: $9.95 was the price for this baby.

This palette has a good amount of metallic, shimmery, satin and matte eye shadows. I noticed very little fall out when applying them to swatch, but I blame it to my hard way of swirling my fingers in the pans (I’ll definitely do it carefully on the next one, I could have ruined this one, how dumb of me!) and getting more product of what I really needed.

And of course, after doing a quick test of the neutrals on my eyes, I noticed that, besides of giving a lot of the color each is supposed to provide, they are very long lasting! And for the record: my swatches for this post were done without any primer. So imagine how beautiful these eye shadow popped even more on my eyelids over primer!

For my swatches, I did two vertical rows at the time for the same picture (if I did just one it was gonna be a lot of pictures to crop and distribute here). I have my arm next to the correspondent rows of the swatches, of course. So get ready for some beautifulness:


Do any of y’all notice the same as I do in the swatches to the right, on the picture above? Unicorn makeup. YAS. Some of the eye shadows even have an iridescent finish!


If y’all love bold and bright eye shadow colors and are not scared to play with them, then this palette is for you! Even if y’all don’t like bold colors that much, the neutrals (which are the half of this palette), are pretty worth of still getting it and y’all can use the brightΒ ones to do a bold lower lash line, which is a current trend that I love very much too.

Even the yellow shadow has a purpose when following the steps from the queen herself, Lisa Eldrige, in her video How to wear Yellow Eye Shadow and look great! that can be found here (I’m definitely trying that look y’all, I don’t care if I’m too old for it, Lisa makes it so inspiring, I have to recreate it).

Have y’all ever tried any palette or product from Crown Brush? How much did y’all like them and one? Share your recommendations for me please (in the comments, of course), don’t be shy and let me know all of your thoughts on this brand!

~ XoXo β™₯



  1. Wow! The colors are so beautiful and pigmented. I can imagine so many different kind of looks already. That’s such a versatile palette. I think I should get myself one of these! Hahah πŸ’–

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