Moda Prismatic Oval Brushes by Royal & Langnickel (Review)

Howdy y’all! Today is not gonna be one of those days when I don’t come back to post (sorry about that! I know I’m the worst!). Today is a day when I bring y’all pretty pics and my thoughts about one of my favorite tools I have ever tried and in this case, the department is makeup brushes.

As the good procrastinator I am, I ordered my Moda Prismatic by Royal & Langnickel brushes from Walmart’s website like 2 months ago and I finally (finally) had the chance to use them yesterday (ok I had a lot of chances, but since I didn’t have them to the sight and on hand, I kept forgetting about them. Don’t judge me!) to do a full face, which means I used all the brushes and used them for good!


Y’all can tell by my words above that I ended up liking this set. And very much!There’s nothing not to love about this set. Starting with the color transition and metallic finish, they’re made of plastic, but thy’re definitely not cheaply made, which is awesome considering they’re drugstore brushes.

Not gonna tell the obvious (because of the pic above) about the amount of brushes in the set. But I’m gonna tell the name and function of each one:

  • 801 (biggest)  To apply foundation / prep your face. It can also blend blush beautifully.
  • 802 (medium) For face contouring, bronzing and highlighting. It also blends concealer and corrector.
  • 803 (small) For nose contouring, concealer and corrector.
  • 804 (tiniest) For lips.


The bigger brush is 4x bigger than the next to its size. It covers a lot of your face to give a nice makeup applying. The finish it gives when applying foundation is amazing: zero striking. Nada! And it truly looks airbrush finished.

The head is fully packed of soft bristles. Soft but firm at the same time. It is something weird, because one can feel how firm all those bristles are together and yet the sensation on the face while gliding the brush feels like glory. Nothing compared to the other oval brushes I have from Amazon. Those are like tightly oval on the top of the bristles. This one has like more open shape and less oval-y on the top (see picture below, y’all can even see this compared to the other brushes next to it) , this one goes more to the flat side, making foundation application more evenly.


It is also very light weight! Of course we can feel the weight of the head by itself, but when grabbing the brush by the handle, the weight suddenly distributes nicely, which makes the use of this big brush a pleasure.

One thing: the neck of these brushes don’t bend all the way back without breaking. I tried it and I could feel it was not possible to go further half the way. Not risking my beautiful brushes to find out (sorry!). Besides, not that it is a feature I could find a use for (if y’all do let me know!).

The details of the engraving on the handles are supper pretty too, as I said, nothing cheap made / looking at all:


And the washing was not too bad either. The oval brushes from Amazon are really a pain to wash (it is more work to do to wash them and leave them completely clean than regular brushes), since the bristles tend to get hard with more uses. And if we don’t wash them properly, the don’t feel soft and tend to leave streaky makeup. Moda Prismatic brushes didn’t do that to me and were easy to clean, without losing softness. Lets hope they stay like this!

Did I mention these are 100% vegan and cruelty free? (for my vegan friends!) And the best of all, they don’t break the bank at $18 USD + tax a set. I know they’re just 4 brushes and that we can have sets with more brushes on Amazon or eBay, but as I said I like these more and I think they’re totally worth the investment.

So tell me did y’all also loved these brushes? Why yes and why not? I have heard once y’all have tried Artis before, these cannot be loved too much, do you think this is true? Spill the beans with me in the comments, y’all know I love to hear from you!

~ XoXo ♥



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