The Rising Stars: Play! by Sephora May edition (Unboxing & First Impressions)

Y’all. I was doing so great here posting non-stop daily! 😥 Oh but my lazy behind had to procrastinate again and what happens? I get behind on my entries. Sigh,

BUT not everything must be lost for me. No m’am! While I was not here posting, I was doing what I needed to post this entry. And that was testing the products that came in my Play! box by Sephora.


This month marks Play!’s anniversary, so they sent a special bag to all subscribers. This is a plastic clutch, they usually send the samples in a cute pouch made of fabric with a lace to tie it up. But this bag is even cuter, I truly love it so much I already filled it up with makeup.

For being a subscription that doesn’t get curated based on a personal quiz answered by us (like supposedly ipsy is), Play! somehow never disappoints me. I say this because I really dislike when in the other subscriptions I had they sent skincare and hair care samples. So much it was ridiculously like they knew I hated them and that was why they sent more. From all the products here, only one will have no use.

Here’s a glace of what I received:


  • Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent by tréStique. Looking at tréStique’s Instagram feed made me craving to try this stick for a while. It was the best thing to see it was included in this box. The color reminds me over Lunch Money from Colour Pop. It feels sorta waxy, not that it is a bad thing at all with this particular stick. The glow it gives is just gorgeous as you can see in this pic:


See how the color and glow still shows up when blended as much as the strokes not blended yet.

  • Blur Stick by Milk Makeup. The infamous primer stick from Milk Makeup that everyone raves about in social media. Since this last thing is something done by very popular YouTubers that get tons of makeup products for free to talk only good things about the brands they feature, I was skeptical about the whole brand. Then this sample made me change my opinion: it works. It truly does what it claims. At least to me it did.


I simply applied the product on the areas where I have more problem with huge pores (sides of the nose all the way over my cheekbones, forehead and chin). Then I applied my regular primer and my goodness did it made my pores almost invisible completely! It left me with my mouth opened because I barely did notice my pores after I finished applied all my makeup, I had to get close to the mirror and see that my pores were still there. I also loved the packaging and how it has another cap inside of the cap directly on the tip. So ladies, if y’all thought about getting this stick, it is worth the investment!


  • Limp Plumper in Clear by Grande Lips. The scent (kinda minty) and texture of this lip gloss are nice. I applied it and I immediately felt a tingling that became stingy and then burning like. It was uncomfortable, not so painful, but I was about to wipe it off. When I went for a towelette, the sensation was gone. Then the next day (yesterday), besides of not bothering at all when applying it, I found out that my upper lip looked like it was kinda inflated to the point of messing up with my natural lip line, making me struggle to apply lipstick. Lipstick! I like the idea of getting plumped lips, so I’m still using it according to the instructions (on clean lips under lip products, twice a day daily and at night before bed).
  • Sel Santal Perfume by Clean Reserve. Woodsy and flowery blend that is very pleasant to smell. It smells so fancy, I love it very much!
  • Omega 9 Hair Mask by Rahua. A sample I’m surprised I actually want to try (read again in the beginning of this entry) because of its claims of being completely plant based. The scent feels botanical, making it match their claims. Main ingredient is rahua nut oil for a shiny, lustrous hair.
  • Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper. The last of the samples in my bag and the only one I won’t even look at. No skincare testing for this mama. Unless it’s a Korean beauty product!

So how much did y’all like about your Play! boxes this month? I loved mine a lot (in case y’all didn’t noticed) as you can see, so share with me what y’all loved and why did y’all hate in the comments!

Until next time.

~ XoXo ♥


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