Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip (Swatches & Review)

Finally after many times of seeing this cute lip-shaped box with mini lippies at checkout in Sephora stores, I decided to order one through their website. I’m a complete sucker for cute packaging, so it was always a bummer seeing it as sold out when I finally took the decision (procrastinator much?) of purchasing one.

And this time there was no exception as for the packaging. When I saw it, I bought it. So happy I did, because the content is definitely worth it for the price!


Excuse the lack of fanciness (like the one from every pic from those big beauty bloggers) in the picture above. Anyway, I believe this is the 4th edition for this set (don’t quote me on that tho) and it is a mix of lip glosses and lipsticks. At first, I thought I was gonna be disappointed by them for being all exclusively lip glosses, as I don’t wear them regularly. I do like them, but I tend to forget about them more than I do with lipstick.

Then I opened it, tried them out on my lips and I found out there were lipsticks too! So yes, I loved this cute mini set! So glad I was wrong about it.

The difference with this set and the previous ones, besides obviously the brands, is that the previous ones only came with 5 luxury samples, while this one comes with 6. So we have a lot to play with and get fun while discovering a new shade or brand to us. The contents run from 5.3 ml (0.17 fl oz) being the largest, to 1.75 g (0.03 oz) the smallest.


The brands and colors featured in this set are as follows:

  • Vice Liquid Lipstick by Urban Decay in Trivial (0.17 fl. oz.) – Y’all. This is the one that got ALL my love from this little bunch. It dries completely matte and it has golden micro shimmer in it. For my type of lips that can look chapped even when they’re not that dry, I have to prep and prime them first in order to wear this because of the texture it gets when completely dry. BUT the color is to die for, it is truly long lasting and non transferable.
  • Lip Gloss by Anastasia Beverly Hills in Kristen (0.07 oz.) – Highly pigmented and nourishing. It gives full cover to the lips. This, of course, doesn’t suck at all.
  • Velvet Lip Glide by Nars in Bound (0.07 oz.)- Another lipstick. It feels like a lip whip. It dries matte and it is like a regular lipstick, meaning y’all need to reapply for touch ups. A shade I also loved a lot from this kit. The feeling when applying it reminds me of the Matte Lip Creams from NYX Cosmetics, but definitely it lasts more than those lip creams. And it smells deliciously like vanilla candy.
Behold the prettiness!
  • Lippie Lingerie Chubby Pencil by Tarte Cosmetics in Revealed (0.06 oz.) – The darkest shade in this box. It has a subtle hint of minty fragrance. Regular brown lipstick with satin finish.
  • Lip Gloss by Marc Jacobs Beauty in Sugar Sugar Enamored (0.05 oz)- One of the two fro this kit I don’t see myself using. It is completely for fair skinned gals, which I am not. If I wear this lip gloss, I look sick. Plus, shades and formulas like this one tend to disappear from my lips in a minute.
  • Lip Injection Glossy by Too Faced Cosmetics in Spice Girl (0.03 oz)- Like the one mentioned before, this is another lip gloss I won’t use a lot. It is also for super pale girls. Nothing to do with my olive skin. I may use it sometimes enhance my lips if they ended up looking too “dull” with certain color.

And here are the mandatory quick swatches. I’m so happy my lighting and phone didn’t fail to show their colors as close as reality as possible:

See above in the description and color for each one of these.

So for us makeup junkies and fans of these brands, this set is completely worth a try as I said. It is good if y’all also have never tried some or any from these brands and been thinking about trying it without breaking the bank (they are expensive when full size, so why taking that much risk?). The Vice Lipstick is definitely the best regarding color, formula and size.

Did y’all buy this set too? Do you collect these lip kits? Which has been your fave and your less loved one? Share your thoughts with me in the comments, let me know your experience with them!

~ XoXo ♥




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