More mani fun with Little Nail Girl Polishes! (Nail deco ideas)

Y’all. I’m almost this close of wanting to do nail art again. Then I remember all what I have to stop doing around home and the sensation goes away (ha,ha). Luckily, as a former nail polish / nail art addict, I know what to do, so I still can enjoy painting my nails without having to allow my house go upside down in a mess y’all probably know what I’m talking about if you have kids like mine).

So for this nail idea, I’m bringing two lovely nail polishes from Little Nail Girl Lacquer (which I’ve become very fond of). One of them is a nail color and the other one is a glitter topper.


Shown above, from left to right: Celebrate! , a glittery topper with lots of tiny holographic, silver hexagons and stars. This topper is commemorative of Little Nail Girl’s 3rd anniversary selling gorgeous nail polishes. Then comes Amanda, a perfect warm coral for summer mails, that looks beautiful either all by itself or with the topper of your choice.

I’m gonna use both for a simple yet chic nail idea y’all can do at home without needing crazy skills or weird tools. But first, a swatch of the star of this post, which is Amanda:

Told y’all she’s gorgeous even by herself!

Look at that pink based coral! Shiny, isn’t it? For the swatch above, I used 2 coats of Amanda and just one thin coat of glossy topcoat. All three coats of polish become very sturdy together, making this coral polish tough to even start chipping.

As I said, this nail decoration idea takes a small moment of your time and it is not complicated to replicate at all. And this was inspired by one of the manis Heather (Little Nail Girl Lacquer’s creator and owner) shared once in her stories on Instagram. Y’all only need Amanda, Celebrate and a third color of nail polish. For this look I opted for black ’cause the original nail idea had also black in it, although this third color isย optional.

1) Paint 3 of your nails with Amanda in 2 coats each to make it go opaque. The order of nails y’all chose doesn’t matter. Allow the polish to hard completely in between coats.

2) Apply Celebrate! in one (or 2 ) of the naked nails. Use a white cosmetic sponge to apply the glitter topper on first and then dab it on the surface of your nails. This step eliminates the excess of polish base to only apply the glitter to the nails, avoiding it to become gooey and to get more glitter instead.

3) Protect your finished nails with your favorite top coat. I use glossy ’cause I love it more for summer nails.

And voila! Simple yet classy and chic summery nails:

Excuse my crooked, wrinkly fingers. I didn’t have my hand lotion on hand at the time of this pic! xD

I saw Heather also adding a thin coat of Fairy Dust from Chine Glaze on one of the nail looks she did to one of her clients and it looked totes adorbs! I also have that glitter topper, but I couldn’t find it to make another look on my nails for this post.

And of course I’m not forgetting to show another idea done only with Celebrate! I promise y’all, pictures (and my poor lighting) don’t do any justice to the prettiness, shininess of this beautiful topper. I love glitter gradients over natural nail base, so here it is:


I’m thinking about taking a pic in the morning, when the sun comes out, to see if I can capture the real shininess of Celebrate! and update this post. Crossing fingers I will!

If y’all want to give these two polishes (or any other of Heater’s creations) a try, visit Little Nail Girl Lacquer website and use the code DSETT at checkout to save some money on your total purchase. Let me know latter how much y’all loved them!

~ XoXo โ™ฅ



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