Dollar Tree findings! Wet N Wild faux lashes (Review)

Oh, lovely Dollar Tree! Who doesn’t love that store? From all the junk sold there (which in reality is a lot of good stuff IMO), we can also find very rare gems of makeup items, from lipsticks, eye shadows and even good makeup brushes.

And today’s post is about one of those gems I have found: eye lashes. There are 2 different brands of lashes sold in the store close to my home. These I tried are from one of my most beloved drugstore makeup brands, and that is Wet N Wild (don’t ask me which is the other brand ’cause I completely forgot the name of it). They’re called Shutter Shock Alt-Fringe False Lashes.


I have to be honest: I don’t usually buy eye lashes. Well, I used to, but I stopped wearing them once I started wearing glasses (lashes touch them stinker glasses and tend to move because of that). So these were a complete compulsive purchase. Because packaging. I mean, look at it. It is super cute and the box is so colorful and glossy, how couldn’t I buy it?

There are 2 different models for these lashes, I stupidly used the one I did not have repeated before taking the pics for this post. So the only one I have to show here doesn’t have a specific name, only a number and it is 516501.


Although inexpensive, they come with their own tube of lash glue. At first sight, the lashes look kinda “plastic” (like those lashes from dolls that open and close their eyes when put up and down, if that makes sense). But once placed on the eyes, they totally look like natural lashes, but with a lot of lift.

They’re very “bendy”. This can be a disadvantage, because they can get twisted when taking them from the packaging. Which takes me to mention another disadvantage: they come glued to the plastic with a very sticky, silicone thread, I have to be careful when removing them. But the benefit outweigh the bad, because they fit to the shape of the eyelid, making them super easy to apply (this comes from a very useful woman that struggles a lot to apply faux lashes).

Y’all definitely need to trim them a bit from the side that goes facing the inner corners of the eyes.


The glue actually doesn’t need too much time to get nice and tacky to help the lashes be ready to use, which I love because nothing worse than having to blow over your faux lashes to dry them, and it glues them good!

So here’s an example on how they look once applied. Y’all have to excuse my not so pretty face, but I had to post my whole selfie because if I crop it to show only the lashes, the image will pixelate / blur horribly:


The look above is probably not the best to wear these lashes, but that day was the only time I was gonna have tge chance to try them (busy mom life with 3 kids), so I used them anyways. See the lift and opened-look they give to my eyes, simple but yet cute (the lashes, not me). And for a buck and cents? Totally a bargain that can be used in emergencies, to practice lash application or simply for an every day, natural makeup look.

To see how my natural lashes look without mascara nor falsies, click here and scroll all way down to the last image on that post.

Have y’all tried these lashes? What other gems have y’all found in the Dollar Three? Share your findings with the world in the comments below! Let see what different things we have seen there!

~ XoXo ♥



    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I really need to work on my self esteem! And YAS! These are perfect to practice lash application without breaking the bank, just as I said, they’re need to be handle with a bit of care or they will get weir shape, making it difficult to be applied. But nonetheless, that makes them fit to the shape of yor lash like beautifully.

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