Rose Gold Full Face Contour Brush Set by Crown Brush (Review)

About a month or so, I won a giveaway hosted by Crown Brush on Instagram (am I lucky or what!). The giveaway was for one of their newest items added to their website, a cute pink brush set with 12 pieces, with their respective clutch to carry them around (for which I will have a full review later).

When my package arrived, I naturally expected only my prize. My surprise was bigger when opening the box and finding out that it contained not only my prize, but several other goodies from Crown. It was like Christmas!


One of those extra goodies was their most newest brushes, the Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set and they are, besides gorgeous, very handy and perform greatly.

The set comes with 3 oval brushes in different sizes. Each one is fully packed with soft bristles that are very gentle when touching the skin. The bigger brush is to apply foundation. It can also be used to apply moisturizer, primer and I also like to use it to apply blusher or cheek tints. This one is also good to apply powder foundation but from a compact, not sure about loose powder.

The medium sized brush is to apply and buff concealer all over the face, while the small one works to contour the nose. I also like to use that one to blend my concealer and to apply highlighter, not just to contour the nose.


I have a bunch of other oval brushes that I bought on Amazon and another one from an sponsored ad on Facebook. The disadvantage of those brushes can be noticed when washing them: they can be a pain to be washed to come completely clean. The bristles are so packed it is not easy to get rid of the dirtiness. I even have to put a bit of pressure when moving the bristles to wash them. All of this to get the bristles feeling not too soft like when they’re new.

Thankfully for me (and anyone who decides to try them), this set is not as hard to wash as the other ones. There’s something about the bristles that makes possible for them to keep their softness even after several washes. I believe it is because they’re not so tightly packed like on the other oval brushes.


Another thing about these brushes: the top of the bristles are not completely round. They look round but when touching the surface, I can feel the top is kinda flat. Not entirely but flat to certain degree. This makes product application even better, because it helps to cover all the surface we are working on.

Then there’s a trick I’ve seen Crown Brush do with these brushes: they can be bent completely, meaning bending the head of the brush completely until it touches the back of the neck of the handle without breaking. I still have to find a purpose for that feature, but until I read about it, I don’t take the risk of finding out if my brushes can do the same. Lastly, this set is completely vegan, no animal bi-products in them, neither used in their making.

I’d like to know if anyone of y’all nice readers here have ever tried these or any other oval brush set (including the highly expensive ones from Artis). What do y’all like about them and what y’all don’t like from them? And have you had the chance to compare brands? Let me know what y’all think about oval brushes!

~ XoXo ♥



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