Mis Amores Lip Palette by e.l.f Cosmetics (Swatches & Review)

Wow! 3rd post in a row? Is this the real life? Feels good being here doing my little passion and even better to see there’s people looking at what I post (thank you so much for that!). To all of y’all: Hi! *waves*’

Of course I’m not here for that (not entirely). Today I brought a nice makeup item that was a compulsive purchase. I say this because it is the type of makeup product I’m never attracted to, but something made me buy it anyways and I got it anyways.

This is the lip palette called Mis Amores from e.l.f. Cosmetics (which is definitely one of my top drugstore makeup brands) that has been curated in collab with YouTube sensation Iris Beilin:


I bought it on (or around) mid April this year (I’m terrible for this, I know) and I’ve used it several times already and I’m so happy I bought it! It is definitely a palette I always look forward to use, exactly the same with any of my other makeup palettes (except of course, that the feeling of happiness with this palette is unique, since it’s the first palette from its nature that I try).

At the beginning, I thought very deeply about purchasing it or not. Honestly, I was only attracted to the pretty pink clutch exclusive for this palette by e.l.f. , so if I was gonna purchase the set only to use the bag, there was not so much sense on getting it. BUT then I saw on Iris’ Instagram a mini video where she swatched all of the colors and I loved to see them on her lips so, so much I ended up buying it. So in the end, it was a completely win-win situation for me.


The moment I took it out from the box it arrived by mail, I knew I was gonna love it a lot. Everything is just so cute about this palette, from the box where it comes in and the packaging, a black hard, minimalist case (characteristic from e.l.f.) that comes with 5 different lipstick pans and a mirror that covers the whole inside of the lid. It also includes a good precision lip brush that I’ve been using the same as the palette (which is weird, ’cause the brushes and applicators that come with makeup items suck most of the times and I never use them).

These lipsticks are regular lipsticks. They’re satin finish and very creamy. In fact, the sensation they give when applied is like when we apply lip gloss, but they’re actually more pigmented than glosses. They really rescue my dry lips when I wear them and they even have this light candy-like scent, that not only can be detected but also felt on the lips. If y’all ever tried e.l.f.’s Original Lip Scrub, the sensation of “flavor” it has, is the same for these lipsticks, which I like too.

Here are the quick swatches for them, taken under natural light (no direct sunlight):


This palette is infused with grape seed oil, shea butter and coconut oil, which deep condition the lips beautifully. The colors go from basic nudes and bright corals, to sophisticated & classic reds and a purple that I never thought I would love to wear (this is because purple on my lips make me look way older and makes my expression lines more visible).

Oh! And the faux leather makeup clutch has actually such quality, it’s so good that it doesn’t look (or feel) cheap made at all as y’all can see:

It’s the little details y’all! 

Now please don’t laugh, but here’s how each of the colors look on me. These were taken outside of my apartment with the sun directly on my face, sometimes shadows would come and made my skin tone look lightly different for some of them, but the colors look accurate from real life nonetheless. They look a tad darker when indoors, but the difference is minimal:


Do any of y’all like lip palettes? What about lip palettes from e.l.f.? I must admit, I loved this one very much that I’ve been thinking about the Runaway Lip Palettes 1 & 2, but I’d love to see recommendations first. So PLEASE let me know in the comments! And also, don’t forget to like this post if y’all enjoyed at least the pictures I’ve shared. See y’all next time!

~ XoXo ♥



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