Jessica Cosmetics Hand Rescue System (Review)

Last month, I won a nice nail care system by Jessica Cosmetics on Instagram. It consists of 3 products to help our nails when they need it the most. This set is called Hand Rescue System and y’all can guess how much I loved it to get my couch potato self up and come to blog about it.

I was pretty much surprised when they announced me as a winner. It was the best sensation in a while: I haven’t taken care of my nails in a long time, so they were their worst looking-wise speaking. I have 3 kids and I’m currently just a common housewife that needs to do a lot of chores in my house, so y’all can imagine how bad my nails were with all this and no pampering at all.

Jessica Cosmetics Hand Rescue System

This system is travel sized, but the bottles have a nice amount of product to last for a while ( I’m guessing up to a month if used daily and several times a day) and to know if it’s good enough to help your hands and nails.

Nourish Therapeutic Cuticle Formula – This cream is a bit heavy, but once applied to the nail, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all. Its purpose is to soften the cuticles and to reduce their rough appearance to a smooth one, while stimulating the growth of the nails.

This one is good for those who don’t like to be worried about pushing or cutting off the cuticles but still don’t want them to look bad and over dried. It contains vitamins and antioxidants. It barely has any scent and it reminds me of the scent from an old school cream had (the one in a white jar with pink lid and 3 little faces drawn on the label).


Phenomen Oil – Have y’all ever wondered what’s the secret of all those nail artists on Instagram that have gorgeous nails, which looks are worthy of a magazine cover? A good cuticle oil like Jessica’s. Phenomen Oil is a blend of natural jojoba, sweet almond and rice oils. It is very lightly scented and it smells like sweet almonds, which makes it double pleasant to use it. We need natural oils on our nails to make them bendy enough so they don’t break. If they’re dry, they crack easily, so this oil makes miracles when allowing it to get soaked overnight (if y’all can do this through the day is also OK too).

The vitamins from the natural oils also help the skin around the nails to develop hang nails. In just a matter of a week after using it daily, y’all can see how your hang nails & peeling skin disappear completely, and it prevents future ones.


Lastly but not least:

Hydracreme Sheer Moisture for Hands – Like the name states, this is a hand cream with a super light weight formula. It is absolutely non- greasy nor sticky at all and still gives plenty of hydration to our hands. I love this little hand cream. It now forms part of my makeup bag that I carry in my purse to use it constantly while I’m out and about.


My hands have started to reflect my age a lot. This is because I don’t hydrate them after washing them. This cream has started to reduce the signs of the age on their skin after two weeks of using it daily. I find it a bit nostalgic because it smells exactly the same as a hand cream my mom used for years while I was growing up. She carried  it everywhere and she even used to leave a tube of it in my dad’s car for when we went out and about. So now I cherish this one like gold because of how helpful it has been for my hands and because of the memories from my childhood it makes me bring back to life.

So considering how bad my hands and nails look, with all the peeling, cracked and hang nails they had, after using this 3 product system for almost a month daily and getting my nails and hands to look like this:

To see which nail polish I’m wearing, click here

I think this system is completely worth the try! I can’t be happier for the opportunity to win these nail care products to try them out and my hands couldn’t be more thankful.

So if y’all want to get hands Instagram worthy, then don’t hesitate on trying these. I went to their website and I couldn’t find the same set I was sent (a box with the 3 products), but they’re very affordable, so buying them separately doesn’t brake the bank at all.

What are some of your fave nail care products that y’all recommend? Let everyone know by leaving a comment, I love to see what do y’all have to share to make ourselves look even prettier!

~ XoXo ♥



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