Summer mani & fun with Little Nail Girl!(Swatch & Review)

Happy Mother’s Day! I haven’t done my nails in a long time. I quit nail art a bit over a year ago (I used to post daily nail art on Instagram) and I could not keep my length and nail health because well, life gets busy, especially with 3 kiddos.

But I am now decided to at least start painting them like normal people do (meaning no nail art, just regular polished) and pay more attention to them, because I reached a point where they were just embarrassing to show. I have another review coming for a hand treatment I’m currently using too, but for now, I’m showing y’all a boutique, luxury brand of nail polishes, made with love in the Sunshine State called Little Nail Girl, which creator is a very talented lady that owns a salon where she makes beautiful creations on other  people’s nails every day.

Today’s review is for one of her polish creations, Stacie, which is shown below:


I won this particular nail lacquer in one of the giveaways Heather (the lovely creator) did last year (I’m terrible, I know, for doing this until now). So y’all can imagine how I’ve been wearing this color since them now and then to the point of liking it so much, I had to do a whole post dedicated to it. I still paint my nails of course, from time to time, but not in the way I used to, where I dedicated over an hour to them and of course, none of the nail looks were “Instagram (or picture) worthy”, so I never posted about them anymore. That and also I got fond of press-ons…

Anyway. Stacie is the color of one of my faves to wear almost all year long. It is a creamy pastel mint green that matches the iconic Tiffany’s mint green (the main reason I love it) packaging. It is great to be worn all by itself or to do some pretty nail art if y’all into it. Here I show 2 examples of minimalist nail deco that can definitely change the view of your nails:

I completely lost the touch to do a hand pose!

The pic above is a swatch (sample) of the color plus an idea to add some “pizzazz!” to it without having to do too much. Since glitter is life (yes, it is) and this is a gorgeous color, wearing a glittery accent will give life to your nails too. Y’all can choose wearing just one as I did or two accents. This nail looks is great for date night. And it will last for more than one night, since Stacy takes a long to start fading away or chipping off.

In each of my pictures here, I’m wearing two coats of Stacie. Always make sure y’all don’t apply tick coats of a creamy nail polish, because thickness, besides of taking forever to dry, is what makes your nail polishes to chip out fast, since they become like crust once well dried.

Another cute idea for spring / summer nail is polka dots. They’re very simple to do yet they give a lot of a “lift” to your nail look. Using a dotting tool, make random dots all over your nail, after your nail polish base is hard rock dry. If y’all don’t have a dotting tool (ebay, from $1), you can also use the heads of a bobby pin to do the dots.


Now, my dots are not the best, but with practice we all can achieve better and better dots and patterns to wear on our nails. Good thing this pretty color takes all the credit for good looking in this mani!

Last but not least about Stacie: it doesn’t become a sticky goo! I don’t know why, and is the thing that I sometimes don’t like about creamy polishes: they tend to get tick and gooey the more uses it has. This is not the case for this pretty creme! Good thing, because it makes it always ready to use and easy to work with on your nails.

Stacie and all of the lacquers from Little Nail Girl are 9 Free Nail Polishes, meaning they don’t contain dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, camphor, parabens or acetone. So from all the options out there, LNG Lacquers are the best. They’re also vegan, meaning they don’t contain any type of pigment or ingredient that come from animals or animal bi-products. What is not to love about them?

So if y’all want to give Stacie or any other of Heather’s line a try, you can do it so by visiting the Little Nail Girl Lacquers website here and if y’all are buying, the code DSETT helps you to save some money on your total. And if y’all want to follow Heather, which is a nail artist in real life, you can follow her and her brand on Instagram here. And if you ever give it a try, let me know! Hope y’all guys liked this nail polish and nail ideas as much as I do! ♥

~ XoXo ♥

PS: If you’re a nail blogger or nail artist with an active Instagram and would like to become a swatcher for this brand, read all about it here.



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