Tarteist Lash Paint (Review & comparison)

Lashes. Who doesn’t like drama-full lashes (the only place where drama is acceptable)? I think all of us girls with Asian-like shaped eyes barely have any. But if y’all have hooded eyes and still a lot of long lashes, then consider yourself lucky. I’m jealous of your gift!

So for me, one of the makeup products I have to try a lot until I find the one that makes possible thick, longer lashes for me, is mascara. Today I bring my thoughts on one of the best I’ve tried so far: the Tarteist Lash Paint by tarte Cosmetics.


This mascara became one of my faves as soon as I tried it thanks to a sample that came in one of my orders from Sephora. It adds a lot of length to my almost invisible lashes and it can also thicken them without clumping. I believe this is thanks to its unconventional brush that has a shape where the bristles are short and super firm, meaning it is not your regular lash brush:


The difference with this mascara and their regular Flash, Camera, Lashes! mascara, is that Tarteist can make the roots of the lashes look thicker, while giving great length to the ends. Flash…! almost doesn’t add that much thickness, but still ads beautiful, natural length. Also, the Tarteist doesn’t melt easily, whilst the Flash.! one can flake if it’s not the waterproof version. Tarteist also has way more pigmentation than Flash…! in my opinion.

The only disadvantage I find for this mascara is that the end of the brush pulls a “thread” of the product that can make it a bit messy and can waste the mascara, for which I recommend to roll the end of the brush before pulling the want completely from the tube, to remove that excess. But everything else is just good, the brush makes you believe there’s no product there, but once y’all start applying it, your lashes start popping out like magic.

Here in this selfie, I applied 2 coats of Tarteist on my lashes:

Excuse the messy hair. Story of my life.

Yes, only two coats. I was wearing a bare face that day with nothing else besides foundation, concealer, mascara and some lip gloss, so I just wanted a natural look. To see how my eyes look without mascara to compare, click here and check out the pictures at the very end of the post.

Do y’all have any other fave mascaras to recommend me? Do you also like this mascara? Spill the beans with me in the comments, let see if we can find who from us has tried the most mascaras in the market!

~ XoXo


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