Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter byMarc Beauty VoxBox from Influenster! (Review)

 Y’all not gonna believe me, but the product I’m about to show you next, is one of the best makeup products I’ve ever tried in my short time being a makeup enthusiast (which started almost 2 years ago, a bit late for me). And not because it was sent for free for testing and review purposes by Influenster as one of their most recent VoxBoxes.


In fact, one of the advantages of this program, is that y’all can be truly honest about a product you receive and you’re still considered for future VoxBoxes. Heck, they don’t push y’all to promote it either, they just want your final thoughts about the product in a last survey they send at the end of a campaign where y’all let them know about your experience.

Going back to my initial point: one of my all-time favorite makeup products to use, to the point of not going out or anywhere if I don’t wear it (besides brow products) is highlighter. And this one here is incredible because it is incredibly beautiful and multi-purpose.

The Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highliner from Marc Beauty will have people talking about it all spring and summer long. And not surprise here, since it is truly bomb!


I’m a sucker for cute packaging and this product has such a gorgeous and chic one, so it got extra points from me in this department. It’s made of glass, so I’m really careful when I use it to avoid dropping it (my inner clumsy would get me mad if this precious was thrown to the floor).

It’s a golden gel that makes you start drooling the moment you get a drop from the pump on your fingers. It looks so beautifully shiny y’all won’t want to even keep touching it. A tiny drop is enough to dab on the cheek to create instant glow that gives a lift to our face while helping us slay the highlighting game by looking radiant all day long.


And as the name states, it is coconut water based, since Marc Jacobs has a deep love for coconut and its properties that benefit the skin. It also has this subtle, classy scent like creamy coconuts, nothing that overwhelms the senses though. It also contains other coconut bi-products like polysaccharides to condition the skin and coconut milk to hydrate it. And it is not made with parabens, sulfates nor phthalates.


I keep this one as gold, it is just a super fancy product! Which leads me to one disadvantage: the pump. Y’all have to pump very gently or will end up with a lot of product that you may not need since a a few small drops are enough to reach a desirable highlighting. I’m hoping that the next batch they release comes with an improved pump, otherwise it could contribute to waste the product. So if y’all gonna test this at Sephora, make sure you pump the bottle nicely and slowly.

Oh, I’m almost forgetting: the quick swatch! So y’all can see how gorgeous it looks. But seriously, pictures actually don’t do any justice to the glow from these drops:


You start feeling like luxury the moment you take a drop and the subtle scent reaches your nose. It is a serious, enjoyable experience for wearing makeup. Whether y’all use it exclusively on your pretty faces or all over your hot bodies as body lotion, this highlighter will let you wanting to use it more and more with each use (it can get y’all really addicted to use it, it did to me!). And y’all have to try it mixed with your foundation or all by itself with your fave face moisturizer: your face will look youthful and instantly awake.

Check out a selfie I took while wearing it. I know I’m not the beauty here, but I mean to show off the highlight (lol). It shows up so nicely even the useless camera in my phone could capture it:


Share your experience y’all had with this gel highlighter with me in the comments! Or if not, are you waiting to try it soon? Spill the beans so we can all share our thoughts for others to see as reference in the future! 😀

~ XoXo


I received my Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highliner by Marc Beauty VoxBox compliments from Influenster to try and review in exchange of my honest opinion, which is reflected entirely in this entry.


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