Play! by Sephora – April ’17 (Unboxing & Review)

Howdy y’all! I haven’t done an entry here for my Sephora box since ages, so I thought “why not again?”. I mean, it is something I love because, unlike ipsy, this subscription doesn’t leave you desiring something else from other people that they receive and you didn’t, since all gals receive the same things, with a very few varieties, but just with one (maybe two) product.

I found this month’s packaging to be really cute and so ready for summer (’cause y’all know, we’re still in Spring, despite of the horrible, fall and winter-like weather, so) and with a phrase that definitely describes y’alls truly when playing with makeup:


“Best things in life are me.” Yeah, so me! 😀

I must say, this box did not make me 100% happy as in many other previous occasions, but I still like the service and I plan on be subscribed ’til our hearts content. The reason for my first statement…well, no reason, but reasonS (in plural) are these:


Can y’all guess why I don’t like all these 3? They’re all skincare. Ugh. I hate when they send me skincare, because I use none. If it ain’t organic, then it ain’t skincare (for me).

Trying to look the bright side of the fact that I received half of my box worth of skincare: at least these are prestige  and they sent not just body or hand lotion, as usual with other beauty subscriptions. I can’t review something I don’t use, so lets keep moving to the next products.

Coming up, from the trio I loved:


This is the Aqua XL Eye Pencil by Make Up For Ever in Aqua XL M-10 – Matte Black. My thoughts on it? It’s b.o,m.b.! And I’ll tell y’all why: can y’all see the heart and the strip (in black) on the picture above? Those things were SUPER TOUGH against water, I came out of the shower with the swatches still there, like nothing touched them! I believe this will be a holy gray for my water line (because they don’t do good waterproof stuff anywhere), because I tested it there while being back at forth around my apartment and it did not melt, after hours unti I remembered I still had it there! Is this a paradise sent product? It looks like it is! Full sized Eye Pencil cost $21.00 USD.


Now for these in the picture above: I have received these two exact same products so many times in other subscriptions, that I almost don’t care about them anymore. One it is the Photo Finish Face Primer (in its original formula) by Smashbox, which now that I think of it, I actually care more about it than the perfume. And speaking of, last but not least:

Daisy by Marc Beauty. It’s not a bad scent, I actually like it very much and will use it.  But man, they really need to start sending other fragrances, like Juicy Couture, Atelier Colodne, etc. I will still use it tough.

What did y’all received in your boxes?


~ XoXo ♥ ~


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