WetNWild Photo Focus Concealer (Review)

Howdy! Today I have a review on a product I tried thanks to my experience with my Photo Focus Foundation. I loved that foundation so much that I decided to buy the concealer from the same brand and line, the Photo Focus Concealer by WetNWild.


Who doesn’t love WetNWild? They’re super affordable and they have tons of cute makeup that comes in totes adorbs packaging, I want to buy them ALL. They have stepped up their game a couple of years ago, transforming their image of cheap makeup to a very trendy one with products that are good considering how inexpensive they are.

Anyways, going back to the review: when I saw this concealer in the shelves, I immediately thought about my favorite drugstore concealer (which I featured here)because it has identical packaging. I imagined it was going to be as good as my fave so I bought one in the tone Light/Medium Beige.


I immediately saw the differences between my fave concealer and this one. First, this concealer is very creamy, whilst my fave stays more in the liquid side, I have to “strategically”move the wand inside the tube in order to get more product because of its creaminess. It also looks and feels like mousse when applying it. But despite the first, this is still a good, inexpensive concealer. It really is!

Its creamy consistency makes it perfect to cover my under eye circles and helps my face with a lift of light. It blends pretty well with my foundation and of course it can be used for contouring. This shade in particular (814B Light/Medium Beige) has a peach undertone, which is perfect to conceal my yellow-ish undertone.


One thing I think I find is a disadvantage with this concealer: I need to make sure it is well set with powder to make it last longer, which could be no bueno for me because that means it can cake and make my under eye wrinkles to be more noticeable. But for less than $5 a pop (for 0.29 fl Oz.) I think its performance is pretty decent. Oh, I have combo skin, so for y’all gals with oily skin, I think you may have to work with this one a bit more regarding setting it with powder.

And the size is just perfect to slide in my makeup bag that I carry in my bag for touch ups, which I don’t mind about them at all because I love makeup and I love taking it with me everywhere and retouching it when necessary while I’m on the go.

Next up for me to try from this Photo Focus line will be the setting powder. I watched Aysha Abdul’s review on YouTube and I loved it so much that now I want to try the setting powder as well with my foundation and concealer all together. This gal is not getting any younger and selfies now reflect how old I’m getting, so I need the best coverage for my under eyes and my tiredness.

Do you like WetNWild? Do you like this new Photo Focus line? Whatcha think yay or nay? As always, spill the beans with me in the comments below! XoXo ♥


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