Highliner Matte Eye Crayon by Marc Jacobs Beauty – (Review)

Hello y’all! I’m excited that after a long time struggling to post here, I reached 100 followers here with my blog, thank you SO MUCH to all! I’m hoping to reach 1000 one day, if possible…

Today I’m bringing my thoughts on these two eye crayons by Marc Jacobs Beauty that were sent to me complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes, and they’re the new Highliner Matte Eye Crayons.


Let me go straight to my verdict: I really like them. There are a couple of downsides that I’ll  let y’all know in a moment, but average they’re good eyeliners. Besides of being super pigmented, these crayons are waterproof and are the very rare eye pencils that can be used in my waterline without melting horribly in a short period of time. They’re THAT amazing.


I was sent these Highliners in the shades (Iron)Y and (Earth)Quake. This line comes in 12 shades. (Iron)Y is a very dark gray, close to an ashy black and (Earth)Quake is a dark brown. Like I said, they’re so pigmented, they even don’t fail to wing my eyes over eyeshadow.

Left to right: Highliner Matte Gel Eyeliner in (Iron)Y and (Earth)Quake by Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Have y’all seen how bad eye markers and pencils turn out when drawing the wing when y’all already applied eye shadow? They become dry and colorless. These crayons have such color payoff that no eyeshadow or powder stop them from doing their job of leaving beautiful color on the eye lids.

Now, there’s a bit inconvenience with these: they’re very creamy liners, so for me with hooded eyes of very soggy eyelids, they can be a bit inconvenient unless I give them a while to allow them finishing sitting the color. They’re not wet but creamy. If I close my eyes immediately after applying it, they can stain my eyelid area. But nothing hard to work with, at the end they keep being very nice makeup products. So if y’all have droopy eyes like me, just give them a bit to completely dry.

They run completely matte and they act the same as a gel eyeliner, like those that come in little pots. Here is how they each look in direct sunlight:


My fave color from these two is (Earth)Quake, it makes my eye color pop out really nicely when I wear it in my waterline. I wish I was sent two of the bright and bold colors, they’d be perfect for spring! I’m thinking about getting Whirl(Pool), (Grape)Vine and Mist Me.

Are you an Influenster? Did you get in this campaign? If so, which pencils did y’all get? Were they your fave or nay? Let me know in the comments, and also if the bright colors are worth it!

XoXo ♥


I received my Highliner Matte Eye Crayon by Marc Jacobs beauty compliments from Influenster to try and review in exchange of my honest opinion, which is reflected entirely in this entry.



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