Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation – Review

One of my favorite makeup products to review is foundation. I’m obsessed with makeup, but the makeup item I’m the most obsessed with will always be foundation. I don’t know why, maybe because I spent years using the same BB Cream as foundation and now that I decided to get out of my comfort zone, I kinda have the mission to find the best foundation “of them all”.

And today I have this foundation that who would knew it was gonna be soooo good, considering it is drugstore… well, from a few years to date, drugstore makeup has stepped up its game in quality and presentation (have y’all seen that packaging they now come in?), but I think that the general idea of drugstore makeup not being so fantastic is still there in our minds (at least in mine).

Oh, I’m getting way too far from what I came for: to show you this foundation everybody has been raving about: the Photo Focus Foundation by Wet n Wild.


What’s so special about it? The main claim this foundation comes with on the back of the bottle, is that “it helps to eliminate white particle reflection. Not sure what does that mean, I have never had a problem with foundation and seeing any white patches on my face if I take a picture. But then I almost never take a selfie with flash, so for y’all that like the flash, this foundation makes sure that your face comes out looking in an even tone without any white reflection.


Now for what I like it: this foundation is really light weight and looks like a second skin! If y’all get your matching tone, it truly looks and feels like your own skin. It doesn’t melt easily (of course, with proper foundation application with primer and setting powder / spray) and my face doesn’t feel cake-y like. It also doesn’t sit in my fine wrinkles (HUGE win).

I’d say this foundation is medium coverage but with the impression of a full coverage one. I have dullness and discoloration all over my face, especially towards the temples of my forehead. Photo Focus really evens my skin tone and eliminates the appearance of the redness I have on the side of my nose. With 2 layers I can definitely say I get full coverage.


(Excuse the big a*ss picture above, but for any of y’all reading on a phone, the bigger the better.)

My shade is 366C (Buff Bisque) and it matches my skin tone very well (to see how it looks on me, click here and see for my selfie there). Photo Focus comes in a range of 20 shades, so I think every skin tone can try it. It comes with a nice applicator on the cap, so we can easily get it out of the bottle and apply it on our face in a practical way:


And last but not leastย is the cost: only $5 a pop (although it is listed for $5.99 at Wet N Wild’s website). What else can a makeup lover could ask for?

Did I forget to mention anything else about it? Please share your experience with me in the comments if y’all tried this foundation too, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

~ XoXo โ™ฅ



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