Essence Cosmetics Pure Nude Highlighter – Review

Howdy, how’s it going? I hope better than me! Sickness has been tough with us the whole past week, everybody around seems to be sick, the climate change and pollution don’t help with this for sure! So I wish for you lots of health!

Today I’m here to share my thoughts about this product that it is although old news, I still wanted to do a review on it ’cause I love everything about it, from the price, the packaging to the color, texture and the effect it gives to the skin.

I’m talking about this highlighter called Pure Nude Highlighter by Essence Cosmetics.


I once received an email from Allure’s mailing list where they featured this highlighter, saying something like it was “the highlighter for under $10 the internet is obsessed with” (but don’t quote me on that, can’t remember the exact words). It costs only $4.49 a pop and it works wonders!


Y’all gotta forgive this sucky view from the back of the compact, it is damaged because toddlers… this highlighter only has one shade available and it is the 01 – Be My Highlight.

What’s so special about it? At first sight, you can’t see any shimmery anything in the compact like we’re used to from other highlighters like Becca’s, even when picking up some product with the fingers, one can only see beige powder, close to a peachy blush.

It even feels like it has the consistency and texture of a blush (dry powder-y, not so buttery as with most highlighters). The color and composition remind me a lot over a highlighter from a highlighting palette from elf Cosmetics (for which I of course will do another review here).


Once it is applied to the skin, it seems like you’re not getting anything. BUT once you start building it up, you definitely see that natural glow it promises it can give.

The thing with this highlighter is, it doesn’t give a metallic finish like most of highlighters give. I feel like this highlighter is more for a super, natural glow for those days of no-makeup makeup or with minimal makeup for the day. Not for makeup at night because it doesn’t pop without light. Oh, but it sure pops out with your camera flash for a pic, if you still want to use it for a night party.


As you can see in the swatch above, it looks very sheer on the inside of my wrist. But you can see some glow. This was done with one stroke of both of my fingers together.

Then when you finish and take a selfie, the results leave you with your mouth like this: :O

glow(Please ignore the not pretty and puffy face of yours truly, it is just for information purposes)

The only downside I can think of for this highlighter, is of course the sheer finish it has, so you have to work a bit to build it up. But nothing hard to do, especially if you love to apply makeup like me. But everything else? Nothing not to love if you’re more into natural makeup without looking “glittery” because of the highlighter.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments if you have ever tried this highlighter, would you repurchase? Would you purchase other shades if it was available? I’m all eyes for y’all!

~ XoXo ♥



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