Discovering Essence! (Review)

Howdy! Today (almost tonight) I’m going to share my experience with a drugstore brand of makeup I always wanted to try and I was finally able to: Essence Cosmetics! I’ve been a lot into drugstore makeup lately and wearing these products was a charm for me.

I was sent 3 Essence Cosmetics products courtesy of Essence to try and review, but not in exchange of my opinion I requested a sample to them and they gladly sent me not just 1 but 3 full samples! So here are my thoughts on each of them.


These in the pic below are the 3 cute Essence makeup products I received. I’ve been using these for almost 3 months since I received them and I can’t stop using them!


My little package contained:

  • 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Primer in Nude Beige.
  • 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Liner in (02) Peach Perfect.
  • 2-in-1 Lipstick and Liner in Lush Berry.


First we have the 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Primer in Nude Beige. This product has another shade: Nude Rosé. Its purpose is to be used as a base for eye shadow and / or eye shadow. It is a very buttery primer and the peachy tint it has cancels any veins showing on my eyelids, also the bit of discoloration I have on them.


Although I didn’t use it as an eye shadow, I did notice it is easy to blend with a brush despite of being a cream-like product. It is also a bit sheer to be worn as an eye shadow. But I completely loved it as a primer because it helps bright and metallic colors to pop out even more. It really helps the eye shadows not to crease and makes them long lasting.


Next we have 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Liner in (02) Peach Perfect. I’m OBSESSED with this chubby stick! This shimmery, nude rose pencil works good as a liner when it is brand new, but with time the tip becomes chubby and I can’t use it for a slim line. But nothing to worry for me ’cause I almost don’t wear eyeliner, only eye shadows. This product can be also used as base for alike eye shadow tones to make them pop out and also as highlighter base! It is so easy to apply and it runs smoothly when applying it.


This is a great time saver in the morning when I have to hit the road in a rush and have no time to do my makeup as I wish. Only a few strokes on the eyelid directly with the tip of the stick, some blending and I’m all set. Oh, did I mention it is waterproof? So if you have oily eyelids, this will be great for you too!


There are a total of 6 colors for this eye shadow & liner line and the other colors besides of mine are (1) Go Bro’nze, (03) Light me up, (04) Black to the Routes, (05) I’m Blue and (06) She’s Got the Mauve. I’m definitely purchasing them next time I see them at Ulta!

And finally, the 2-in-1 Lipstick and Liner in Lush Berry. 


It looks like a vampy shade as a stick, but it is a very lovely, bright berry color Once you apply it. It is like any regular, satin lipstick and it is very moisturizing. The very sharpened tip allows for it to be used as an eye liner, but I honestly did not used it that way (I don’t wear this type of color on my eyes). This color compliments any skin tone with a very basic eyeliner with no eye shadows:


So after testing these 3 products after all this time, I’ve coming to the conclusion I’m in love with them and that Essence cosmetics is one of the drugstore makeup brand I’m definitely looking forward to purchase from now on. I read only nice things from other girls that use this brand and after my experience with them, I can say they’re right about it.

My next product to buy from Essence would be their Pure Nude Highlighter. I saw it has 5 stars on reviews at Ulta’s website and also several Instagrammers that recommend it, so that’s one I’ll purchase for sure.

Which other product from Essence y’all recommend? Have y’all tried any of these 3? Which is y’all fave? Spill the beans with me in the comments, please!

~ XoXo ♥