Ever Curl by L’Oreal – (Unboxing & Review)

Y’all! I can’t believe how fast life goes and how busy it can be, so it doesn’t allow me to do my passion (which is reviewing and blogging what I review, in case you were wondering).

Here I am, again, in one of those chances where the kiddos are sleeping and I can sit my behind for a while to show y’all what I’ve been testing for almost a month since it came in the mail: another cool VoxBox from Influenster, with yet another hair care product. But not just any hair product tbh!


If y’all go a few posts back, y’all see that the last time Influenster sent me a VoxBox for hair, I wasn’t lucky enough to get a product that worked for me. If by any chance (that I doubt), have y’all been reading me for a while or following on Instagram, probably know by now that I definitely don’t like hair care and skin care products. At least not mainstream products, and that time it was a bummer since my hair was not impressed and the products looked very promising.

But with this VoxBox from L’Oreal, “Oh, la la!” is a small expression compared to how I actually felt when seeing my hair after using these products!

My hair is completely dead, meaning it is super dry with no life and full of frizz. I wear it in a pony tail because no matter what I do for it, it just doesn’t look good and it looks like it is made of those metallic balls y’all use to scrub food stuck in the cookwarwe (witch hair, if y’all prefer), so I save my time and money by not caring too much about which hair care system should I buy next time. But this time, thank goodness, an exception happened.


Ever is a new hair care series by L’Oreal composed by 5 different types of products that function according to the needs of your hair. I was sent the Ever Curl Hydracharge Care System in my VoxBox and it is completely a life savior for my horrible hair!

I don’t have complete curly hair. I’d say it is wavy. Don’t get excited because those waves are far from those beachy waves everybody dream to have in Summer. Like I said, they’re like the metallic fiber to do the dishes. But this set worked for me like a charm because its purpose is, besides defining the curls, to tame the frizz with the help of its moisture-infused formula with coconut oil.

I tested these 3 products from this system in two forms: regular and reverse routine. Regular is of course the “normal” we all do since forever consisting of washing the hair with shampoo first, rinse and then applying conditioner. Reverse is when you do the same but starting with conditioner instead. Both worked good for my hair BUT I personally LOVED how doing the reverse routine left my hair.


With only 1 use with regular routine, my hair showed less frizz at least 50%. I could not believe it. After a week straight of use, my hair showed much more smoothness and frizz reduced by and estimated of 80% (based on how my hair starts frizzing while my hair dries and how frizzy it looks when it dries completely). The next week of use was when I decided to try it with reverse routine and WOW! My hair was silky with 0 frizz!

My hair starts showing frizz the moment it starts drying after shower. Well, after 2 weeks of use with both regular and reverse routine, my hair was tamed in a way I haven’t seen in years. It is definitely thanks to the creaminess these product have. They’re so creamy and moisturizing, that even after rinsing the conditioner I can feel my hair still moisturized and not just waxy like with many of the other conditioners I’ve tried.


The only product from these 3 I didn’t use a lot was the cream gel. It smells deliciously like coconut (very subtle fragrance like the shampoo and conditioner), but it is not of my preference because I felt it kinda sticky. But when I used it I loved the results because it gave my hair defined curls and not only waves. It can be used on dry or damp hair, but in my case if I use a styling product like this one with dry hair, it ends up doing the opposite of what it should do (my hair gets lots of volume that can be confused with frizziness, and it doesn’t look shiny nor alive).

Did I mention that this new line is 100% vegan? Yes! For those worried about using beauty products that contain animal by-products, these have a completely vegan, paraben, sulfate and dye-free formula, which is why I’m sure my hair responded very well to them.

These products retail at $7.50 each and can be found in the beauty section of almost all drugstores, big box (Walmart, Target, etc) and grocery stores.

And if y’all also wondering if I’d repurchase: the bottles of the shampoo and conditioner shown in the picture above are the ones I bought myself after finishing the ones I received in my box. They’re that good for me! Next time I’ll try the Ever Moisture Deep Nourishing Care System with Apricot Oil, that sounds like it is also a good one for my hair.

XoXo ♥

~ Ah, It’s Makeup!


I received my Ever Curl Hydracharge Care System by L’Oreal compliments from Influenster to try and review in exchange of my honest opinion, which is reflected in this entry.