Feeling Preetea with MIYU! (Review)

HOWDY! Happy 2017 y’all! May your 2017 is filled with success and accomplishment! Today I’m back, after a very busy Holiday schedule, with a new review of a product I was sent for free for review in exchange of my opinion (which is entirely shown in this entry and 100% mine).

Thanks to 08 Liter USA I had one more time to try another high quality, pretty beauty product, and when I say it is high quality, you can tell I loved it! It is called A Preetea Little Quartet.


Starting with the packaging (just look at that stinky cute clutch shape!), A Prettea ( Pretty + tea= preetea, pun for pretty) Little Quartet is a very lovely introductory set that contains two types of beauty and health products: face mist refreshers and herbal teas. There are 2 mists and 4 sachets of tea in the set. Each mist matches 2 flavor teas and the idea is to make a beauty impact from the inside. The mists are travel sized and the teas are full size. It also includes a mini brochure that explains the use of the goodies.

The company that makes these skincare / health products is called Miyu (pronounced mee-you) and it is located in Canada and it got its inspo from Korean skincare, which is well known for having the best makeup and beauty items in the market that even westerners love to use for their ingredients that make Korean women to look young and radiant.


I believe this clutch would make a nice party favor for a bachelorette party. The elegant shape of the box and color combo of both box and products are what made me think about the most when I opened  it. The mists are free from parabens, phtalates, sulphates, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances, and can be used on all skin types.

I was also sent a full sized brochure that introduces the company, its vision and the use for each of these products. The presentation of the folder it came it is very pretty too, it included a beautiful lace bow but I found out I forgot to take a picture of it at the time of typing this post (sorry!).

My experience

Shown in the picture above: the two face mists. The one on the left (minty green) is the De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence and the one on the right (baby pink) is the Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence.

Each mist has its own purposes, as I stated. So I used them separately the same day: before applying my moisturizer to start my makeup routine, I sprayed Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence (pink bottle). It has an age-defying serum that hydrates, tones and primes the skin for moisturizer. And then I applied De-Stress Mi (green bottle) at night after removing my makeup, because it is when I feel my skin could be stressed for keeping up with my makeup all day surrounded by pollution in the environment.


I believe a lot in aromatherapy and that one of its benefits is that it can cure stress. Well, the enjoyment I had when using these mists was the aroma they release when sprayed on the face. Both mists made me feel relaxed and I noticed this when I did my makeup: I’m usually a bit fed when I’m putting on it because I have  3 kids that I need to have  constantly my eyes on, going back and forth interrupting what I am doing to go and check why did one of them got his head stuck somewhere.

But when applying Hydrate Mi, I got so relaxed from my reality that I definitely paused after almost done doing my makeup and realized until then that I had to go and check on my kiddos. The fragrance of the mist was still present on the tip of my nose, not meaning it in an overwhelming way but in a pleasant and calmly one.

And I have to admit it: I used a lot just for the pleasure of feeling it on my face and to make my vanity area to get filled with the aroma of fruit, spices and flowers.

Now with the De-Stress Mi: this one is my fave because of its minty scent and I used it as I said at night after removing my makeup. The soothing effect it has even helped me to relax and sleep feeling so cozy! My skin also felt toned the next day and I didn’t feel like my face looked like a big puffed pillow.

For both of them, the brochure says can be used over makeup. I don’t know if that means they act as makeup setting mists and I couldn’t find out myself at the time of typing this because of my stubborn habit of always spraying my usual setting spray immediately finishing my makeup, so I don’t give a chance to remember I have to try another setting spray unless the bottle is empty, which was not the case this time because I still have a lot of it in the bottle I have.

So yes, both are good toners and skin soothers. I don’t suffer from redness in my skin, so I don’t know how good De-Stress me is to help reduce redness.


Now to the teas: I LOVE tea very much an I’m currently in a regimen where I replaced coffee (yes, my beloved coffee, almost dying here!) for caffeine-free herbal teas. So my emotion went high when I read they’re caffeine-free and safe for me to drink.

Oh the lovely and calming aromas they give to the senses! The Hydrate Mi tea (with gogi berries that benefit collagen production) was definitely my fave because it doesn’t have a strong herbal flavor. Not that I don’t like that, but if I have the option I will always choose the fruity noted one. The De-Stress Mi tea is a tad stronger in the herbal side, but with a delicious peppermint-y tone. And both are perfect to sit on the couch, relax myself and get cozy wile drinking it and reading a book.

Did I mention that both tea sachets come with pearls mixed in the herbs? Yes, pearls! In Asian beauty, pearls are believed to benefit the preservation of youth.

Would I repurchase in full size? Yes! Completely! I love when beauty has nature mixed in it, and these two types of goodies are something I definitely use every day, so buying them full size is written in my wish list now for next time I can have the pleasure to order something for myself.

If you’d like to give it a try, Miyu Beauty products are available at MiyuBeauty.com. Full sized (2.7 fl oz) of the mists are at $34 USD and the teas are different presentations, so the prices vary.

Stay tuned for my next review, hopefully tomorrow if I can get my behind out of bed after hitting it at this time (4:16 AM CT)!

♥ XoXo
~Betty (Ah, It’s Makeup!)