These didn’t work!

Howdy! Y’all have to excuse the quality and blurriness of the following pics you’re about to see, but it is terribly rainy here and as always, my phone doesn’t focus without direct sunlight, so my pics look really crappy today.

Anyways, today’s theme are the products for which I had high expectations, but that unfortunately the results were not quite what they claim they deliver.


That’s a whole lot of non-useful (elegantly said) products eh? And some are not included in he pic here (’cause they don’t fit like for a post on Instagram, yall know about it) I had already posted about a couple of them here in my blog, I’m going to include the links to the posts on each.

Although these didn’t work for me as they should, this post doesn’t mean I now hate the brand. Here are included brands I love the most and from which I own lots of products that I definitely kept, use and love. And as y’all can see, these just a few compared on how many more from these brands I have and I’m happy with.

I’m going to start with the category I like the most: makeup.

Product: Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Collection by Too Faced.


Sigh. I believe this was one of my first purchases from Sephora and Too Faced at the same time. The few good things it has is the scent (that has faded with time now) and the packaging, for which Too Faced is well known.

Why I say it didn’t work? The poor pigmentation and the bad time it makes me go through to at least apply it. It feels like pressed chalk being applied to the lids (not sure if that makes any sense) and I need a lot of effort to make the colors to look like in the pans, no matter how much of the best primer I apply and how many layers of them. All that and the fallout it has for the price I paid make it a no, no palette for me.

Product: Tartelette Eye Shadow Palette by tarte Cosmetics.


Another palette with a lot of shadows with poor pigmentation that in general has little color payoff, no matter how much apply on your lids, especially the light shades (first column on the left). They’re extremely difficult to work with, blending them don’t make them better. I ended up still using some of the plums and warm colors, but the 3 on the right and Dreamer (top of third row from left to right) are definitely the worse from this palette.

Product: Tone Adjusting Face Primer by e.l.f. Cosmetics


Color theory for makeup says violet color corrects dullness and yellow patches on the skin. So this primer, surprisingly purple, is intended to reduce yellowish faces by brightening it while doing everything else a primer does. Well, the tone adjusting part did not happen with me and that was the main benefit for which I bought this. It hardly blurs my fine lines. But it fades my pores. Oh, it doesn’t keep up my foundation as good as the Poreless version of this primer does (which I have and love very much). And it feels greasy and sort of waxy.

Product: First Base Primer Spray by NYX Cosmetics.


I know I’m about to sound a lot ignorant with what I’m about to say, but besides of not working for me, I honestly don’t see a purpose for a product like this one (primer  in spray form). This meaning, of course, for a person like me that needs a primer to fill up fine lines and blur the pores, besides of all of the other tasks a primer is intended for. I need to apply my regular primer after this one in order to get the results I want, so I don’t need this spray in first place if that is going to be always the case every time I use it.

Now jumping to the next category: skincare.

Product: Activated Carbon Purifying & Cleansing Mask by Mengkóu Beauty.


This was my most recent post and you can read all the details about it here. This type of products that fail from the beginning are one of the reasons I don’t believe on nor do skincare.

Product: FRXXXTION Stick Frace Scrubber by tarte Cosmetics


More sigh. Another tarte product. As I said, these don’t make me not liking the brand anymore, tarte is actually one of my fave prestige brands and I love a lot the other ton of products I own from them.

Why I say it didn’t work? After using it for a week straight at night before going to sleep, I saw no other benefit than feeling my skin sort of clean and free of impurities, but isn’t that what any other regular and less expensive scrub from the drugstore does? I hardly spend money in skincare that is not organic coconut oil, and this thing costs $22, so imagine the disappointment. I bought it because of the reviews I read on its product description on Sephora’s website, many of them describing how they started noticing their pores and fine lines being reduced and dullness gone, which didn’t happen for me either.

Product: Deep cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips by Bioré.


Bioré hopped in the activated charcoal wagon with these strips that claim less oil and blackheads. The question that should have made me see a red flag is “doesn’t Bioré make strips that do that already?“, but oh silly me, thinking they could work didn’t think about that at the moment I saw them at the store and ended up buying them. They definitely don’t reduce oil on my oily nose and definitely don’t remove any blackhead at all as their regular strips do (meaning those don’t do it either).

Last category for tonight: hair care.

Products: Reflection Chroma Captive Shampoo and Mask by Kérastase Paris.


Another two products that were recently featured here on my blog. Y’all can read my full experience with them here. I was sent these for free from Influenster to try and review and well, y’all know the end (because of the nature of this post, of course).

How much have y’all spent on a product that didn’t work? Have y’all ever tried any of the products shown in this post? Did y’all return them or what did y’all do with them? Share y’all experiences and take the comments here to vent and rant about them with me!

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  1. The Tartlette palette is so patchy! All the others I’ve used since this one have, thankfully, been so much better. I dint like the Frixxion Stick either but something along this line that does work is the Pur Joy Stick. It buffs, is useful in exfoliation, makes a decent mask and dries out lumps and bumps.

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    • Oh thanks for that recommendation! 😀 And yes, the tartelette was such a disappointment! Worse because I used it months later from the date of purchase and I could’t return it or at least exchange it lol Y’all know what I means.


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