Best in Glow: The Glowgetters – November Play! by Sephora Box (Unboxing & First Impressions)

While I was waiting for my Sephora Box this month to come, a nice acquaintance of mine posted on Instagram that she received her box completely empty. Y’all reading that right: empty. As in nothing in there, zero samples, nada. And I know it is the only subscriptions she’s in and how she patiently waits for it to arrive in her mailbox, so it should be very disappointed to receive the surprise but not in the way she was expecting to be…

That’s why for this month’s box I’m not touching any of the samples in it. Well, not literally not touching them at all, of course I have to grab them to put them for my pics here. What I say is, I’m not opening any of them to at least look how much product they have nor for swatches, since I’m planning on sending the whole box to this girl, who recently got engaged to her amorcito, which happens to be a relative of mine. I hope she considers it part of her engagement present from me.

As I said, I am at least sharing the pics of each sample I received of course! And first things first: a glance of the content!


For being the box I decided to give away all new, I have to say that this is one of the best boxes Sephora has sent! I’m not into skincare, in fact I get mad when I receive skincare samples (’cause I don’t even look at them). But the 2 I received in this box actually look appealing for me maybe for the first time in all these years of getting subscription boxes.

First, this Hydrating/Moisturizing Cream by Caudalíe that is made without parabens, phthalates nor sulfates looks like something my skin won’t complain if I apply it:

Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet by Caudalíe.

Although I already have found my fave moisturizer to start my makeup routine, I’m open to try a new one when I read positive reviews about it. It is for all skin types and it is made with organic grape water, which wins a lot of points from me, and it protects the skin from free radicals. It can be placed in the fridge to intensify its coolness, how great is that? I just wonder what flavor of sorbet this smells like…

Then we have this mud mask from Glamglow:

Gravity Firming Treatment Mud Mask by Glamglow.

If all the raving around this line is true, then this is a mask I have to try. While my sweet girl who is receiving the box doesn’t need this type of products yet (I believe she’s only 23), I myself do desperately need to start establishing a skincare routine, and this product looks like a good start: it claims to tighten the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the loss of firmness and elasticity. When y’all reach my age (I’m not gonna tell btw) you’ll see everything going down hill if y’all don’t start taking care of yourselves early.

Next up is this lipgloss from Sephora Collection:


Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Pin Up Pink by Sephora Collection.

Although I think this is the least item I liked from the bag, I still loved the idea of receiving a makeup sample instead of another skincare (hey, I only said I liked the first two, not to receiving a 3rd or more skincare samples!), and if this was a liquid lipstick I’d completely rock a shade like this! I love bright pinks despite of being yellow-ish tan as hell (I don’t care). I think that the last time I wore lip gloss was like 15 years ago (do your math, still not saying how very old I am!) and haven’t worn any since then, I prefer lipstick.

Oh! This one here is another skincare sample, but in my book it is considered more like a makeup item than skincare, since it is a primer:

Silicone-free Illuminating Primer by Cover FX.

I received this same sample in one of my ipsy bags long time ago and I completely loved it. Cover FX Illuminating Primer moisturizes the skin while leaving it like a perfect smooth canvas to start applying makeup flawlessly, giving a natural glow and lift to the face. And the pores get greatly reduced to the sight. It reminds me a lot over my beloved  Becca Backlight Priming Filter, definitely a product I added to my wishlist for a full size!

Replica “By The Fire Place by Maison Margiela.

Next is the type of samples I can never get enough of: perfume. I believe it was from a  free perfume sampler in one of my Sephora’s orders that I got the chance to try Replica before, but in Jazz Club. This line says it is a line for both men and women, but Jazz Club definitely smells like a (very, VERY sexy scent) for men, so I passed it up to babe. This one is the kind of perfume I like (woods mixed up with nuts) according to the description. The only thing I think I would be too fond of is the price: $125 for 3.4 OZ, which is a lot, I know. But I’d rather buy the 1.7 Oz presentation instead.

And last but not least (drum roll), the star product in this box:


A Laura Mercier Eye Colour Pencil that, to me for what I see, can be used as highlighter too. It has shimmery finish and the shade (Rosy Gold) looks perfect as base for powder highlighter. Behold thee picture ’cause it is the only thing I can show of it (no swatches as I stated at the beginning, sorry!).

So that’s pretty much it for now! The variety in this month’s box, I believe, was the perfume. Some other subscribers received Stella by Stella McCartney instead of Replica, which is a fragrance I like a lot too. Can you share with me which was your different product in this box this month?

~ XoXo ♥
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