Hair Talk with Kérastase (Influenster VoxBox Review)

So I was chosen to participate in another one of the many campaigns from Influenster, this time from a topic I don’t enjoy too much: hair care.


Not that I don’t need hair care. I know I do need it. Like a lot of it. My hair is so damaged from dyeing it for so many years in the past, that now it just can’t overgrow it. I also know there’s nothing man made out there than can help my hair recover and look magazine worthy. Unfortunately, this product was no exception to my belief.

I was sent the Kérastase Reflection Chroma Captive Line for color treated hair to try and review courtesy from Influesnter, in exchange of my opinion. This post is my complete experience using these 2 products.


As much as I wanted to love it and no matter how strictly I followed the instructions, my hair just did not show any improvement whatsoever. The deal was using it in replace of my current hair care routine in the shower.

So that’s what I did during the 2 and a half weeks this products lasted. I need a lot of shampoo because my scalp is greasy: this one does not make a lot of lather and to me, that means it is not cutting off the grease of it, so I impulsively used more than what probably another type of hair could feel like just enough, if that makes any sense.

Kérastase Reflection Chroma Captive Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

I had to wash my hair with shampoo first as I normally do, then proceed to use the hair mask. Both products have a very light scent that I cannot describe very well, just that it is not bad nor strong at all, so it doesn’t overwhelm my nose, neither impregnates a room as I walk in it after showering.

My hair is wavy, thick and as I said, damaged for color treating it for a long time when I was young and wild. It always looks frizzy no matter what hair product I use, so I have to tightly keep it in a pony tail plus some bobby pins in order to tame it. I cannot wear it without a pony tail because it gets out of control and makes evident it is damaged. Simply horrible.

Kérastase Reflection Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque for Color Treated Hair.

I have to give some credit to these two. My hair indeed felt smooth when “styling” it, but it did not nourish it enough to make it look healthy or renewed, as this line promises it will do to the hair. At least not as shiny as I could expect to at least say that my hair looks healthy. But the hopes when using it were good at least.

Anyways, I still appreciate I was sent this box to try. It is a fun thing I love from Influenster I couldn’t live without as a beauty enthusiast.

Are you an Influenster too? Did you receive this VoxBox? I understand, from the pictures I saw through the #KerastaseTransforms on Twitter  that they sent different treatments to the selected ones! Which one was yours?

Ah, It’s Makeup!



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