Howdy y’all! Thanksgiving just passed (happy Thanksgiving BTW!) and I’m here feeling SO HORRIBLE for abandoning this little dream and passion of mine called my blog (in the making, of course I know). I’m bringing here a few of my fave every day products and what better way to show my love for them than with some pic of their containers all empty!


First things first: the base! And in this case, what I love to start my makeup the right way:

Backlight Priming Filter by Becca Cosmetics. Backlight is right-on word to describe exactly what this product does: it is literally a strobe of light to your skin. It gives my face (and soul) a lift with a shiny, pearl glow on it. And I can wear it under my foundation or when I don’t want to wear any makeup, since it is very creamy and moisturizing.


I still use moisturizer before this primer, but I think if you want to skip it you can do it so, because it hydrates the face very well, without feeling nor looking greasy at all. And of course my skin looks like a smooth peach. For this primer, I even turned the bottle upside down to get the last drop possible from it (at $40 dollars hell, y’all can bet I was gonna get it!).


I already bought a new one of course! Definitely a must for any makeup enthusiast.

Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray by NYX Cosmetics. Not just one but 3 empty bottles of this wonder. One each month! It may look like a lot for some I personally just can’t get enough of it. I love bathing in this spray that, besides helping my makeup to keep up with me and my everyday for hours, it really does help me to get a dewy look even using the matte-st (is that even a word?) foundation of them all. Oh, and did I mention it helps my regular mascara not to melt so horrible


I love to stock up on this spray on CVS  with the help of them 30% off coupons combined with my Extra-Bucks: I end up paying up to $3 a bottle, which for the quality of the results it gives, this is completely a bargain. This is, obviously, my holy grail drugstore product. My makeup would be incomplete without it.

Next round of products are exclusively from e.l.f. Cosmetics. A little fact about me: e.l.f. Cosmetics is one of my 3 favorite drugstore brands and my go-to most of the times. There’s no makeup look I do without using at least one of their products. They’re so inexpensive and versatile… and with adorable packaging! Who couldn’t use them everyday?


Daily Brush Cleaner and Hydrating Water Cleansing Cloths. So these cloths are intended to be used on your face, but to me they’re too thin to absorb the whole ton of makeup I wear. I need at least 2 of them to leave my face completely makeup-free. But I still wanted to give them a chance.

Then this crazy idea popped up: what if I used them to clean my brushes? I already had this bottle of the cleaner, I had nothing to lose, so I tried my idea: I sprayed a few times my countour brush (from e.l.f. too btw!), rubbed the bristles against one wipe and … OH.MY.GOODNES, I literally found out the lazy girl’s way to clean up my makeup brushes! One single wipe worked for 2 brushes and they came out nicely clean… for the next time I have the chance to spend a long hour at the sink washing them intensely. But for the quick way this is, it is not bad at all and I can keep using my brushes a couple of times more.

Now here comes another one of my double-duty products:


HD Lifting Concealer. I was amazed at how perfectly this liquid concealer (in the shade Light) matches my skin tone from the very first time I used it, considering is the lightest (of the two) shade available and that my undertone is yellow as hell. It blends so great that I can even wear it alone to hide my dark circles without wearing any other makeup. That’s how great this little guy is. I also use it as a eye shadow primer and it does the work pretty awesome too (I use setting powder afterwards on it tho). A little of it goes a long way so well, I can’t even remember how long I bought this bottle shown in the pic! That was my first one and now I got a new one in my prize packaging for the same giveaway I just mentioned a few rows above to stay happily every after.

Moving on the last but not least:

BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen. If you read one of my previous posts here, you can see a bit of back story about the fond I have to BB Creams. This one also matches my skin so good I even get people asking me what foundation I use: “because it looks so natural on you, it doesn’t look like y’all wearing any makeup at all!”.


This gives me a medium coverage. But I still need to use concealer for my under eye circles, which is no biggie for me ’cause I use my fave concealer I just showed you a few moments ago. That one and this BB Cream are my Dynamic Duo when doing my makeup. The consistency is kinda creamy, but definitely non-sticky. It is very pigmented, so it covers my flaws greatly for me.

If there was one thing I could thing I don’t like about this product, that would be the packaging: the pump stops dispensing cream very fast, I have to twist and open the cap completely to squeeze out more product and I sometimes ended up with a mess when rushing to hit the road. But overall, this is an awesome BB Cream, totally my everyday foundation!

Y’all have to let me know which of these products have y’all tried yourselves. Share y’all recommendations please, I’m always open to try new makeup!

~ Ah, It’s Makeup!



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