Lipstix and Chill – October Play! By Sephora (Review & Swatches)

So October is almost over AND I had to, of course, share my Play! By Sephora subscription box ’til the last day of the month, when probably all other gals are already unboxing their November boxes…

…anyways! How long it has been since the last time I posted about my beauty subscriptions (before the last ipsy, of course), like 6 months or so? Wow, don’t know why I did not want to (ok honestly because there was a point where I was honestly too lazy to take pics of each thing, thanks to my old job that always made me end up over tired), since I love opening my (only two) monthly boxes, especially my Sephora! Do you like unboxing as I do?

Lets get started then!


I don’t know how, but Sephora (almost) makes me want to try the skincare and hair care samples they send (a thing ipsy has never done for me). In fact, thanks to the little video they did this month to introduce the content sold me. But I am still thinking about whether use them or not…well, one or two of the skin items I received is actually also a makeup item, that’s why I liked receiving it and I ended up using it:


Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray by Farmacy. A toner, prep and setting spray. It smells DELICIOUSLY herbal and minty fresh (if you’re scent sensitive then it is not for you), I am a sucker for products that smell like an isle in a Whole Foods store. Anyways. I tried this as toner and refreshing mist and I definitely loved it! Not sure how much it can do as a setting spray, but for the moment as a prep mist is ok for me.


Mon Paris Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. Oh my goodness, this super fruity fragrance screams “fancy” all the way! It is my kinda scent, not so sweet that overwhelms my nose but sweet and fresh at the same time. Do you notice that scent at classy department or specialty stores (hello, Sephora)? Well this perfume reminds me exactly of that. This goes to my perfume sample collection (I love, love collecting perfumes!).


Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat by Smasbox Cosmetics. I am HOOKED now to this formula from this line! It is incredible how being a matte one, it doesn’t over dry the lips and how quick it dries. It truly is transfer proof and lasts a nice one. The shade featured is Driver’s Seat and it is like a warm pink that depending on your pigmentation, it can look like a soft brick red. Well, it happened to me, but it still looks like a neutral shade on me, so I still loved it.

See for yourself in the swatches:


On my lips, this shade looks like a subtle brick red (the pigmentation or undertone on my lips is dark), but you can see how it looks more like a dusty rose on the swatch done with flash on one of the lightest parts of my body (my wrist of course, don’t think I’m being naughty). It reminds me a lot over Lolita II by Kat Von D, but I could be wrong (I don’t have this last one to do the comparison, so…).

I like the applicator of this lippy. It has a small niche in the center, so it holds a good amount of product so I can apply it in one stroke on each lip. This is definitely a product on my list of makeup items I want to purchase in full size.

Lets keep going with out discovery:


Flash Photo Gloss by The Esteé Edit (Esteé Lauder). Clear lip gloss. Okay, so I like lip glosses (I prefer lipsticks tho), but they definitely must have color in them, otherwise I don’t see the purpose of them. If I use this for a glossy finish on my colored lips, it is obvious it will pick color and will tint the rest of the product in the tube, which makes it useless because it can alter the colors of my lipsticks later.

This is a sticky gloss, so it is obviously not an exception of what I just described, but it doesn’t bother me, because once it sits on your barely lips you barely feel any stickiness BUT you definitely can see how it nourishes and hydrates them. So this is of course better to use on those days with no makeup or simply not a full face with obviously lips not done. It doesn’t have any scent at all. Overall I liked receiving it to try and it is already in my makeup bag in my purse.


Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil by Christophe Robin (Why does this name remind me over the little boy from the Winnie The Pooh story?). This is a repair mask, the texture is like a fluffy whip. It is obviously the type of sample I don’t like receiving BUT as I stated at the beginning, the video made me want to try it…which still hasn’t happened (haha!) because well, I only trust my hair to organic coconut and olive oils.

Anyways, it has a strong baby powder scent, which I personally like a lot (don’t judge me), but if you happen to hate that scent, just skip it. I am definitely living it in the shower so next time I probably feel like giving it a chance.


Bamboo Crème Frappée Skin Reviving Fresh Gel by Erborian. Another skincare item I am glad I received! (what’s wrong with me?). It definitely smell like fresh bamboo but in a subtle way, the consistency is a lot like my beloved moisturizer by Pur-Lisse and it makes my skin feel so smooth. Another product I would highly purchase full size in the future.

And that’s pretty much it for my box! What did you liked the most from this month? Are you a Play! subby? Let me know all your thoughts about this box in the comments, please! I love to know about the readers around! ♥


~ Ah, It’s Makeup!