Pur-Lisse Hydra Balance Moisturizer (Review)

Not too long ago (about 3 months or so), I attended a makeup seminar given by Bella De Lune (yes, the same one with the extreme clown contouring) and besides all the info I learned that day about how to apply makeup, I also received that little, big thin we usually get when attending an event like that and everybody flips over with: a goody bag.

This goody bag, as you can imagine, was fully packed of makeup items and tools from different brands. And one of the items in it caught my attention more than the other ones because Bella could not stress enough recommending to moisturize before everything else.

I never, never payed attention to this small but important step before until that day. So when they told us the one she was using was also included in our bags, I promised myself to give it a try because of the promises in it.


This in the pic is the Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer by Pur-Lisse. It is an everyday moisturizing that can be worn by itself or under our makeup (you know know how important is to apply it before makeup, like I do now). I met this same product thanks to ipsy a couple of years ago. But then I did not pay attention to it, since I never use any skincare or hair care related sample, so I didn’t know how good it is. Boy, do I regret that!

As I told you, I gave it a try this time years later from that firs time and thank goodness it turned out to be one of the best skincare products I ever tried.

Now, I haven’t tried a lot of skincare in my life, this due the bad reactions I had, so the only thing I use as skincare is organic coconut oil and that’s pretty much it. Then the samples I receive from ipsy are too small with very little product to use a considerable amount of time to see real results and cast an opinion. But now that I tried it in full size, this moisturizer has done for my skin more than what I expected and that’s why I now can’t live without it.


The tube I received is 1.7 oz (50 ml). You have to twist the cap in order to open it. From the moment I take a bit of it on the palm of my hand,  I can feel the refreshing, moisturizing sensation this cream provides, which is not greasy at all. It glides on the skin like a gel and when massaging it against the skin I can definitely hear it saying “Aahh!“.

A very little goes a long way. I use this moisturizer 6 days a week (when I go to work and put makeup on, my day off is the only day in the week when I don’t use any makeup) and as I told you, I’ve been using it since I received it 3 months ago and I don’t think it is even half empty yet!

It is for all skin types. I don’t consider my skin as sensitive, but this is targeted even for those. It has a light, fresh herbal-like scent that soothes the senses instead of overwhelming them like most skincare products do nowadays (that’s another of the tons of reasons I don’t do “mainstream” skincare).

One of the main ingredients in this products is Blue Lotus extract, which works as antioxidant and protects against free radicals. White Tea acts like an antibacterial agent, which makes it perfect for after your skin cleansing routine. Vitamin E improves skin texture and in my case, it completely helped my fine lines to blur. I could not believe it myself. I was worried I started having fine lines on the sides of my lips not too long ago (I’m above my 30s, so yikes!)  and now they’re almost invisible thanks to this product and I was not even aware of it!


My verdict: 100% recommendable. If you’ve been shopping around for a good moisturizer, you definitely have to give Pur-Lisse a try! You won’t regret it and you will even thank me later. And if you’re ready to give it a try, it is on sale right now at $30.00 USD on their website (regular price is $50), and the code ipsylipsy30 gives 30% off any purchase of tons of other great products from this brand. You’re welcome!


~ Ah. It’s Makeup! ♥


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