October IPSY GlamBag! – Swatches & Review

Hello there! IT’S FALL ALREADY Y’ALL! And I’m still alive, working and doing grown-up stuff, just the usual ya know… today I am here to share with you my monthly delivery from ipsy, which I haven’t posted in a while! Tomorrow I will share my content from Sephora, so I was thinking: what do ya’ll think about a post comparing both ipsy and Sephora’s subscription? Let me know in the comments if you like the idea!

So for today’s post I have the October Glam Bag from ipsy, which is absolutely cute! With Halloween decor but in a pretty girly way:


Let me tell you, I am pretty happy with this month’s bag despite of the green tube on the left in the pic (I dislike receiving skincare/hair care samples because I don’t even touch them). I received 4 makeup samples out of 5, so that’s a big win for me. Lets roll out the pics for each one, shall we?

Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux by Tréstique

Lets start with the star sample from this bag! And that is this cute Matte Mini Lip Crayon by Tréstique. I love, love lipsticks, matte lipsticks. lip crayons and to Tréstique crayons. In fact I am addicted to them, so if I receive one in any in from my subscriptions, it is absolutely sure I will slip it in my makeup bag and use it all year long. And I have to say, for being a mini version, I think the product inside is really generous. Here’s a quick swatch of it:


This mini crayon is no exception. It dries really fast and it doesn’t feel too dry on the lips. It actually starts applying with this feeling like it is moisturizing them. I tried it on a time I didn’t have any drink or food for a while, so it didn’t come out. But I feel it is pretty though, the swatch on my wrist took a while to fade. So it is a great crayon. I received mine in the shade called Belize Bordeaux.

Moving forward to the next sample:

Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner by Ciaté London

This is a great eyeliner! And not just because it is a Ciaté product (it is my first time trying anything from Ciaté btw!), but because, besides of the great pigmentation (it is as dark as my thoughts), the tip of this eyeliner is so precise and slides so smooth even I can wing it easily, and that my friends is saying a lot considering I am pretty much useless for anything. Plus it is super long lasting and doesn’t smudge even on my heavy droopy eyes, isn’t that fantastic?


Just one thing: I haven’t tried this liner over eye shadows, so I don’t know if it keeps the pigmentation the same with time when using it over them. But judging by the pigmentation (you have to apply it with little to zero pressure so you won’t end up with a lot of eyeliner), you can definitely enjoy applying this one even on the most though eye pigments with no problem.

Next, the product I haven’t swatch but still loved receiving:


Duo Brow Powder in Dark Brown by INSPR

OK, so the reason I haven’t opened this one is because I have plans on taking makeup courses to get a certificate as soon as I can (save the money, of course) and I am starting collecting some items for my student kit. This will be one of those items. The product description states this is a buildable shade, so you can go from light to full-on brows.

I have only one brow powder that is super pigmented and it is the only powder I would use because it doesn’t look too “fake” for my shade, and this one doesn’t come close to it regarding color (this looks too light for me), but since I believe I will have to work with different skin tones and brow colors than mine, then I think will come handy later.

Now for the next nice sample:


Ulta HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Make Up For Ever. This is one of the 3 prestige foundations I own (which means it is expensive, so I keep it for special occasions) and I love it! The formula can go from medium to full coverage (I use the medium tho).  But in this case, I receive a super light tone for my tan a*s. Still will go to my student kit for the (not so far) future. But I still have swatches of it for y’all!


This shade called Y225 is one of the fairest from their line (it is the 3rd lighter), so it doesn’t do a good match even on the lightest part of my body (my wrist of course, as you can see in the pic above). My perfect match for this foundation is the shade Y335, and it is in the medium spectrum from their numbering system, in case you were wondering.

And last and of course least:


How I wish I could stop receiving these skincare samples! But anyways, I guess it is something I can’t avoid considering it is a beauty subscription and they have to send all samples related to beauty. And since I haven’t touched it (it has an aluminum seal on the tip), I can just tell you what it is: it is a makeup remover by a brand called Elizabeth Grant (never heard of it before) that claims it has Vitamin C in it that also acts like a toner, so it helps reducing dullness of the skin. This sample goes to a goody bag I am preparing for a friend who loves skincare samples, so bah-bye!

And that’s it for my show-off of ipsy items! What did you receive? Oh, you’re not a subscriber yet? What are you waiting for? If you want me to send you a FREE GLAM BAG LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! ♥

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