Primer Wonder! Thank Me Later by Elizabeth Mott (Review)

I had the opportunity to try yet another goody thanks to 08Liter (which it seems is the only site that has trust me lately, I don’t blame the others) called “Thank Me Later” and it happens to be one of the products I use daily: an eye shadow primer.

Let me start by showing you the product in its cute packaging:


I was sent a full sized tube of this eye shadow primer, which comes with 10 (0.35 oz) of product for review purposes. And so far, I truly liked it!

First of all, have you heard of the “a little goes a long way” saying? Well this primer is no exception to it: a very little product does a lot for your eye shadows. Its consistency is very creamy as it is not silicone based.It feels like you’re applying an eye cream (skincare) to your eyelids, and leaves them like a perfect canvas (very smooth btw) to start playing with makeup.


The picture above is to show the consistency this primer has, but this is definitely not the amount you need to make it work properly (it is way less). This same creamy consistency is what makes it achieve the results you want with probably 1/3 of what I have on my finger for each eyelid (draw 2 imaginary lines over the cream in the pic and think it gets divided in 3 equal parts, each part become 1/3 for a whole of 3/3). It dries transparent (no color remains once it dries)

Now, we already know the purpose of an eye primer (for those who don’t , it is to lock the moisture from your skin, so it won’t mess with your eye shadows causing them to crease), but to my particular case: I have hooded eyes with very soggy eyelids. Even liquid eyeliner becomes a pain for me without a good eye primer. I have to wait a long time for it to dry with my eyes closed without smudging. One day I was in a rush for work, and all what I could do to my eyes having so little time was to wing them. I completely forgot I applied liquid eyeliner and opened my eyes faster that I should and oh, surprise! I didn’t get any black stain!

And to show you what this primer can do for your eye shadows:


This in the pic is an eye shadow from one of the hardest-to-work-with palettes I own, it is the hardest color from the palette (why do I keep that palette? Don’t ask me, I am a makeup junkie I guess) and it is from a prestige makeup brand, which makes it expensive (I believe was $40 and some). Top swatch is of course done with Thank Me Later on 2 strokes and bottom one is obviously primer-less at two strokes two.

Let me just say, bottom did not get a close pigmentation to the one of top, that’s obvious. It pigmented something close to decent, BUT here’s the thing: that picture above was taken an hour later of application. Did my laundry folding and surprisingly, the swatch on top was the way you’re looking at it in the picture after all that contact with cloth. Without primer…well, lets be thankful it was still there somehow for the pic.

This tube of wonder retails at $20.00 USD. Seems like a little product but as I stated, it lasts a long, long time. Oh, did I tell you it is a waterproof formula? Just perfect for me that I need waterproof everything because of my combo skin and the soggy eyelids I mentioned.

Have you ever tried this primer? Or have you tried anything  from Elizabeth Mott? If you’re an ipster (ipsy subscriber), you may have been introduced to this brand in the past, let me know what you think of it!


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