Wet N Wild Mega Glo Highlighing Powders (Swatches & Review)

After two attempts to place an order from Wet N Wild in their last restocks, I finally could grab two of their 3 most sold items: their highlighters from their Mega Glo collection. These little things are sure hard to find, I have never seen them in stores here. Heck, I found their iconic white & pink brushes first (the entire collection of those took a while to arrive to the few Walgreens in my area) than these!

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Anyways, my sweet Insta-friend Tiffany tagged me in one of the brand’s Instagram pics announcing the restock of these highlighters and that was when I finally bought them. They arrived by the mail… almost a month ago (haha! sorry, it was during my absence from this, you know), so I could test them just recently. And here’s everything about them (from me, of course).

The two shades I got are Crown of My Canopy and Precious Petals. As I said, they’re two of the 3 colors from the variety of these highlighters. The other shade is Miami Spirit, but I do not know why that one is not available anymore. Seems like they just made it to vanish.

Detail of Crown of My Canopy Highlighter Powder by Wet N Wild

As you can imagine, I also wanted these to see for myself what was all the rave around these higlighters, which I believe go their hype thanks to Jeffree Star. Well, now hat I had the chance to wear them for days, I can say they’re pretty nice purchases.

Detail of Precious Petals Highlighting Powder by Wet N Wild.

See, they are pretty cheap, so don’t expect the same performance level like from Becca or Hourglass. These are beautiful powders that are pigmented enough to love them the very moment you pick some product (either with your fingers or your brushes) and see them applied on your skin, which feels buttery to the touch.

I have read they’re too powdery, close to chalky. I personally did not get any dust while using my brush, which I did in both times when rushing out from home and calmly on another day.

You may notice they do not appear when applied with your usual fluffy brush for highlighters at first, but you can definitely build the glow. If you blend as usual as you do with your prestige highlighters (meaning a lot), you will probably not see any good pigmentation, so blending less helps. And remember, these are labeled drugstore and not at the same level as your fave highligthers from Sephora.

In a short sentence: for being cheap, these powders have a considerable nice level of performance.

Quick swatches. Two times against the surface.

A thing you can do too is picking up highlighter with your fingers, pressing gentle against your face, then gently blending with your brush. Notice how good the pigmentation is just on the fingers from the pic above.

Now, about how long they last: not so much without a good setting spray. I tried them with both my cheap (from WNW too) and fancy one (All Nighter from UD), and with the first they will be washed out if you sweat a lot. With the other, the glow will still be there but it won’t look as impressive as a prestige after like 6 hours.

Swatches done with two strokes from my fingers.

So are they worth the money? To me, yes they are. I didn’t spend a fortune and they do an average result, which I still like for those days I go without a full face but I still want some “radiance”. But if you expect lots of glowing color after hours, then these are not for you.



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