Lost And Found London Cover Cushion (Review)

Finally, after a good time listening and reading all the rave about how great cushion foundations are, I could try one of my own. And not just any cushion foundation, but one from where all the cushion technology seemed to come: authentic Korean.

Thanks to 08.l USA is that I had this opportunity. They’re basically a panel that sends free beauty products (most of them skincare, but makeup items as well) to try and review in exchange of posting a review in your social media. This is the second time I got the chance to try one of the products they promote (the first one is coming later in another post) and I couldn’t be happier with the try.


The product shown above is the Cover Cushion SPF 50+ Foundation by Lost And Found London. It claims to even your skin texture besides of concealing and correcting dark skin (which I believe it means dark spots). Since I am not familiar with Korean language, I think the number 23 on the back of the compact is the number of the shade.


Starting with the packaging, there’s nothing you could not love about this little compact. The box is metallic pink and mirrored. The container is also pink and the lid that covers the foundation is white, which makes a cute combo. It has a mirror integrated and comes with a little round applicator (which I didn’t use since I use brushes to apply my makeup).

It is really easy to open. Small enough to throw in your makeup bag and keep it with you to be ready while on the go.

Why “Cushion“?

I was ecstatic to finally see and feel what really “cushion” in makeup means: think about those cushions they used back in the days to load with ink to use and stamp a document (like when they stamp a visa in a passport). Well, this is the case for this type of makeup product, where the foundation is the ink.


I have been using this product for a bit more than a week since I received it. Let me first say, the shade did not match my skin tone: it is way lighter than mine. This one is intended for fair skinned girls, which is logical considering Korean women have fair skin and also look for products to make their faces clear and bright.

But not everything was lost. I still tried the product as if the skin tone was not an issue to see what it does (of course not to go outside wearing it just by itself). And my first impression was just WOW!


Seriously, I do not know how, but this foundation made my skin to feel even regarding texture, as in not feeling any bump that  I actually had on my skin (acne and alike). I usually do not have too many, but I know I have a bump or two here and there. My skin felt silky like a peach.

Another thing: it is very, very hydrating. It also makes my face to look more awaken. It is medium to full coverage, buildable and easy to blend with your favorite products of your makeup routine. To finally start using it as intended, I had to mix it up with a darker BB cream I had to finally make it look close to my tone.

LaF (Lost And Found) Cushion Founadation has skincare properties. Besides SPF 50+ and moisturizer, this foundation helped to blur my fine lines: it doesn’t sink in them, which is something I appreciate a lot from a makeup product. And my pores are considerably reduced while wearing it and after using it all this time.

Now I feel like obsessed with cushion technology! Seriously, I love the idea and intention of this product. Could it be the same for cushions here in America? Let me know in the comments! Which cushion foundation do you recommend me to try next?

~ Minimanimom


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