DESTINATION CHIC – ipsy May GlamBag (review)

WOAH! Last post was also about ipsy and it has been over a month since then? Feel so ashamed! This blogging thing became slowly a killer time… well, whenever I have any. Work and kids beat me up until I pass out at night.

Anyways! Here I am again with yet another delivery from ipsy. Products arrived in the most pretty bag from them all, in my opinion. It is a purple clutch (I love purple!) that looks very chic, as the theme for the month states (“Destination Chic“).


I am very sorry for the reflect on the card at top left. I don’t know how that happened since it was cloudy and I did not use flash for my shot… anyways, this month was a bit disappointed with two samples, even though they were 3 samples for 1 of them. Can you guess which items I am talking about?

Let me first show you what I actually liked:


X-Rated Mascara by Smashbox – My current mascara obsession! This mascara gives a gorgeous lift to my eyelashes without making them look clumpy, at all! It doesn’t add the typical drama I am used to, BUT the natural finish looks definitely different than not wearing any mascara at all. I just wish it was waterproof.


Eye Fluff Brush by INSPR – I have never heard about this brand before. It was probably featured on ipsy before (don’t quote me on that, not sure) so that’s why I did not know about them (‘cause I always receive the stuff I don’t want and not things like brushes). I can’t have enough blending / buffing brushes, so this item is another win this month. It is really fluffy. So much I am like Agnes (“It’s SO FLUFFY!!!”), but not that lovely, of course.

But lets keep going with the good stuff!


Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio by Pacifica – Gluten free, 100% vegan. Shimmery. I already own a few single eyes shadows from this brand (also thanks to ipsy) and they’re pretty good. Pigmented and long lasting if applied properly. Not swatching this one for you guys ’cause I might give it away to an expectant mom as a baby shower present.

Now to the dark side of the bag: stuff I do not even look at.


3 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Set by SOO AE – Just NO. I have always had a terrible experience with the face / eye masks ipsy has sent me, so these will go to the rejected box. I am not taking that risk again. But let me copy/paste ipsy’s description for you:

WHY WE ❤ THIS BRAND: SOO AE merges proven skincare ingredients used in traditional Korean medicine with science to create a luxury sheet mask experience with super effective formulas!

WHY THIS PRODUCT’S FAB: O.M.G. sheet masks! These 3 sheet masks are specially formulated for amazing firming and brightening effects to revitalize tired, or stressed out skin.

  • Collagen: Helps to restore and improve overall elasticity and firmness.
  • Brightening: Packed with ingredients to correct hyper pigmentation and brighten skin, while improving overall skin tone.
  • Propolis: Improves skin’s elasticity and radiance with honey extract, known to fight the harmful effects of environmental stressors.”

I already tested a Korean skincare product (a very good one BTW for which I will have a full post later here) , but it is marked as from organic origins. These as much as they state they’re Korean, I can’t try them if they’re not made at least with 90% organic ingredients.


Smoothing Marine Cream by Clark Botanicals – Another unknown brand that was not introduced to me with the correct product. It says it is a botanical moisturizer that helps stressed skin to feel relief. I will maybe try it, although it is not organic. Or not…

So did you love or hate your Glam Bag this month? Thoughts? You know you can speak up your mind in the comments, I’ve been missing reading them a lot!


~ Minimanimom



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