Ofra Cosmetics + ipsy Eye Shadow Palette – Quick Swatches & Review

Well, this is not a new palette. I bought it approximately in February and it was an exclusive, special edition for ipsy by Ofra Cosmetics. It was one of ipsy’s special offers they do in the Offers section that we can see on the main menu when logged in our accounts.

I am an eye shadow palette addict. They’re the #1 makeup products I own (I have never counted them, but I think 40 is a small random number), and I can’t help but just buy them almost compulsively when seeing them… just to clarify: this happens when the palettes are mostly old news. I am always broke when they’re the new thing.

But with this palette…when I received the email from ipsy about their offer (which I rarely receive, hence the fact that I always miss the best deals on makeup and brushes), I went to check it out and it did not convinced me by the pictures there. Either ways, something was telling me to buy it, so I placed my order anyway. And thank goodness I did!


Everything was pure love to this palette from the very moment I opened it. It did not come with a box, so I do not know its real name, and on ipsy’s website the listing for it doesn’t exist anymore. I only remember they mentioned this palette was an exclusive for ipsy.

I did not want to blog about it because I did not want to tease my loyal readers with swatches of something that can’t be bought anymore (it was sold out the same day it was listed).

But after all these weeks of using it, I just can’t contain my love and happiness for it that I definitely have to share at least some pictures of it and say that I think the eye shadows from this brand are very underrated: if you think about it, everybody focuses only in their liquid lipsticks (or highlighters from the collab with the dupe finders on Instagram) all around social media, while I have never seen any vlogger or makeup addict sharing swatches of their eye shadows (except for the banana one that was featured in another very popular subscription box, but I think that is intended to be a setting powder).

See a bit of why I am deeply in love with this palette:


These are just 4 of the 7 satin and shimmery shades from this palette. The rest of them are matte  (except for the black one on the lower right corner. It has very minimal shimmer, but looks more matte than satinhow do you call those types of shades BTW?), and the one on the pinky is a duo chrome one. Can we say “GAH!”?

Unfortunately due my lack of time today, I can’t post the complete swatches of this beauty. I could do a second post with the swatches of the shades I am not including here if you want, just let me know in the comments if you’d like me to.

I decided to show most of the warm colors, which are the ones I am using the most. They look like this under direct sunlight:


The second one close to my wrist almost blends completely with my skin, hence it cannot be noticed here. But is a very pigmented matte nude. As you can see, the pigmentation is gorgeous and the most beautiful thing about these is that they apply so brightly even without primer. Heck, I have applied them in a rush having completely forgotten about eye shadow primer and still getting the most out of their prettiness. And they last for hours on my almost oily eyelids.

Lets see them in natural light, without being directly under the sun:


As you can see, despite of the somehow dark set up in this last pic, the colors still pop to the sight. It is such a shame this was limited edition just for the ipsy offers, because this is a palette I would gladly repurchase, I think I will be hitting pans faster than with any other of my palettes as it is now my go-to palette.

The price for this palette was $20 and its retail value is $79. I went to check Ofra’s website and I found out they have a similar palette with 20 shadows, but of course they’re not the same. They also offer refills that probably have the colors from this LE palette, but as I said, mine did not come with a box, so I do not know the names of the shadows.

If any of you know the names of this for the refills, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! And don’t forget to also tell me if you want a second part of swatches for this palette.

~ Minimanimom ♥