Empties! – April 2016 Edition

I know, I know I said I would post more frequently here, I am so sorry if I haven’t! It is not in my hands, my job literally squeezes the holy spirit out of me and I barely have any energy left, and if any, my kids finish up squeezing it.

Anyways! I remembered that I have failed (as with everything in my social media life) to do an empties review for a while (first one I did can be found here), so here is the one for this month!

As you can see, there are several “departments” this empties edition cover:


One of the things I have to take advantage of keeping a track here in my blog of the empties I end up with, is that it makes me use more of all the stuff I have piled up in boxes everywhere around my bedroom (and bathroom). For real, I did not know what the term “product junkie” meant until I started noticing all the things I have accumulated that did not have any use (yet), but somehow they keep piling up by the pound.


  • Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant in Cool Essentials – I do not like the smell of cucumber in any toiletry, but I urgently needed a deodorant  and found out that I have like 3 cans of this spray, so I started using one. Of course I did not buy them. These were free samples I received in the mail, if you are wondering. It keeps up with my perspiration, so it is really handy. It doesn’t stain the clothes. Would I repurchase? NO. I have 2 more in reserve if I have any emergency again. As I said, these were free samples that probably will arrive again with another promotion, so spending money on them would be pointless.


  • Amazing Cosmetics A Little Anti Aging Face Primer. Another travel sized tube I received to try and review (review you can read clicking here). Content was .4fl oz (12ml). I loved, loved this primer so much, that the question “Would I repurchase?” can be answered by itself: ABSOLUTELY YES! It is my holy grail face primer!
  • Catrice Cosmetics Lash Boost. These are like the infamous fiber lash extensions from the so talked makeup brand you can see advertised in every single advertisement related to mascara or big lashes by lots of girls that swear by it. But this one is just one product instead of 2. You basically apply a coat of your fave mascara, then some strokes of these fibers and seal with another coat of mascara. You can get an effect like the one the other brand gives (lashes so big they look like bug legs, no offense intended to anyone who uses it, they just look like that to me), but you definitely control how you lashes look, without making them look too clumpy and exaggerated. My lashes definitely grow in volume and length, I honestly adore this one. And it was just $6 (plus tax of course). I bought them from Ulta’s website. Would I repurchase? Yes, definitely!

– EmptiesHalf_2

  • NYX Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray in Dewy Finish. Most amazing drugstore setting spray ever! I use it daily and get a lot of compliments on the glow my skin gets every time. I love how it enhances my highlighter, it makes it look like on fleek. Plus, it truly keeps my makeup from melting and go invisible. So if you’re looking for a good drugstore setting spray to help you reserve your fancy one for special occasions (like I do with my UD spray), then you definitely need to give this one a try. Just not if you love matte finish, which NYX has its version too. Would I repurchase? I am always stocking up on this one every time CVS has specials on NYX.


  • Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light to Medium. This one acts like a foundation, it is for combined skin. It is sheer to medium coverage, but to me it gives medium almost to full coverage, because sometimes I need just a bit of concealer when using it. It matches my skin tone really well as it claims. So good, this is the product that made me stick to BB Cream for years, I did not have to worry to look for a foundation in all that time (which you can read part of that experience here). This in the pic above is the last tube I bought about 6 months ago. Would I repurchase? Probably, very in the future because right now I have lots of other BB Creams and foundations from other brands, not sure when that moment will come again.


  • Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan Lash Gallery Mascara. The waterproof version from this brand. I love to use this mascara for my lower lashes, I am so bummed I ran out of it! It is very sturdy, it stays in my lashes very well for hours without melting down. Would I repurchase? Yes, I am all about waterproof mascaras and right now I am thinking about repurchasing this one and the new waterproof version of Better Than Sex Mascara (Too Faced).
  • Urban Decay Potion Primer (travel size). As many of my fellow makeup enthusiast and addicts agree, this is my holy grail eye shadow primer. Yes, I have tried several other from both drugstore and prestige brands, but this is definitely my fave from mid-range brands because it makes the colors pop out incredibly, my shadows never crease and I don’t need to set it with powder first. Would I repurchase? Without any doubt, yes! I already bought two full sized tubes.


  • Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light and Blonde. I bought this by accident in the hopes of giving Batiste a second chance. The idea of getting my scalp looking like it is covered with dust just did not appeal me after trying dry shampoo for the first time (please tell me I am not alone here!). I did not see which version of this spray I was getting until I got it all over my hair and noticed hints of blonde highlights. Sigh. I ended up using it on my son’s medium brown to blonde hair. It smells great tho. Would I repurchase? Not this version, of course. And the regular one… maybe, maybe not, depends on my mood next time I am in the dry shampoo section at the store.


So what do you guys think, has anyone tried any of the products I just showed you? Tell me your thoughts is the comments, and if you have any recommendations from other brands for these types of products, please also let me know there too!


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