The Amuse Bouche VoxBox – Unboxing & Review

My fave makeup products after highlighters are lipsticks, and I received three of them by Bite Beauty in one of my VoxBoxes from Influenster. This is a brand you can find at Sephora and its prices range from $22 a piece to $39 a value set. These lipsticks are listed at $26 ea.

Why didn’t I think about taking this shot BEFORE swatching them?

The shades did not get me excited at first sight. One of them looked too dark to me (dark lipsticks tend to make me look old) and the other one (bight red) doesn’t compliment my skin tone. Just one of them kinda made me want to try it.

But then another day came when I had to do my makeup again (every day, haha!) and I said “Why not?” and tried them one by one. I gotta say I’m glad I was wrong about the colors, because so far I liked how they looked on me.

Lets take a look at each lipstick:


Due to natural light and the fact that the camera on my phone messes up with colors, Beetroot (shown above) looks like a bright, hot pink. But in person is darker and it is a completely wine red that did not make me look so old as I thought.


Pepper (above) is a gorgeous mauve lipstick that I think looks good in any skin tone. It looks like a natural nude on my lips. My skin tone is considered a light to medium, although I think I’m a yellow one. But this lipstick actually looked good on me, I thought shades like this one only looked good on fair skins.


Last but not least is Gazpacho, a bight red I doubt I would ever wear. I have used reds before, but they’re not a shade I look at the shelves. This one made my husband say I looked pretty wearing it, and to notice I actually did my makeup that day (not that I never do my makeup, it’s just that my husband noticed it that time), and to say that it helped me to accomplish that is saying a lot.

What I think is really good about these lipsticks is they’re extremely moisturizing and creamy. I need to exfoliate my lips and wear lip balms before applying lipsticks (especially the infamous matte liquid lipsticks ones). These lipsticks by Bite Beauty make my lips feel hydrated and smooth and with no yucky cracked skin on them.

Swatches of the 3 Amouse Bouche Lipsticks by Bite Beauty I received in my VoxBox.

Their finish is satin and they’re like any regular lipstick that you need to reapply if you drink or eat. Not a problem for me because I’m the type of persons that loves to carry her lipsticks in her purse to reapply through the day.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they’re made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Have you tried these lipsticks? If you received this VoxBox too, what are your thoughts? Please, share everything in the comments with me!

AND if you’re STILL NOT signed up for Influenster to receive awesome boxes like this one, just make sure to join by clicking here, I promise you you will love it!

~ Minimanimom ♥


I received my Amouse Bouche VoxBox compliments from Influenster to try and review in exchange of my honest opinion, which is reflected in this entry.



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