WetNWild Megaglo Illuminating Palette – Quick Swatches & First Impressions

Am I the only one who buys a makeup item (or three or ten), puts it away and totally forgets about it until days (or weeks, moths, whatever…) later when you find it and can’t remember how long was it since you bought it? Please say “No!” because I really feel alone here on this subject…

…anyways, remember that foundation review I recently did? Well, in my journey trying to find my exact shade, I bought several bottles before getting the one. Last attempt was returned to my local CVS last week and I used the credit towards my favorite setting spray and this new, gorgeous highlighting palette from Wet N Wild:


And of course, as I said at the beginning, I put my goodies in my purse and I completely forgot they were there until today when I was rearranging my purse (I promise you, I have a horrible memory). But thank goodness I did, right?

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Palette comes in  a big a*s disc that catches your attention from the beginning when you find it at the shelves. Well, it did to mine because I love huge discs like this. The stripes remind me a lot over another stripped blush from a popular Instagram brand, but from which presentation is smaller and it is way pricey than this one (oh, and the packaging is less bulky too). The shade I got is the 320 called Catwalk Pink. I am not aware if there are more shades available.

Lets see first the quick swatches:


Don’t they look gorgeous? The pigmentation is terrific! As I said, really impressive from WnW. The formula feels buttery, so smooth to the touch and nothing chalky-like.

The first two stripes to the left give me the impression that they fit more to fair skin tones, while the other two on the right are better for medium (like mine), tan and deep skins.

Here are swatches on the back of my arm with no sun but with natural light:


I told ya, #3 and #4 are for medium to deep skins like mine. #4 blends almost completely on my medium to tan skin. And see how all of them are really pigmented in just 2 strokes done with my fingertips (done in two to complete certain length of the stripes in longitudinal direction [↔] on the back of my arm , if that makes sense).

Now here come the swatches done with direct sunlight:


With sunlight, #1 also almost blends entirely with my skin. But I think it is because there’s some time lap between the two pics (I had to put my daughter to nap after taking the first shot with no sunlight, and it took me like 20 minutes to go back and take this shot above), and the colors are a bit worn. I did not prime my arm to do any of the pictures.

I haven’t tried this palette on my face yet, but I will today for work to test how long they last. I never leave home without setting my makeup with spray, so I hope they do good enough. The person from which I saw swatches on Instagram of this beauty told me that it didn’t seem to last for her, but she didn’t tell me if she used setting spray as I do.

Wish me luck and let me know how this palette worked for you, please!

~ Minimanimom ♥



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