Make Fit Happen with Maybelline – Foundation Swatches & Review

I posted about receiving my Fit Me! VoxBox from Influenster on Instagram more than a month ago.Since then, I’ve been using my Fit Me! foundation almost every day and now I think I will need to restock it soon, because I am almost out of it and I fell in love so hard with it that now I don’t think I can live without it! (Seriously, how could I be alive not having this in my life all this time?).



I haven’t tried a drugstore foundation like for ages. Well, not a foundation-foundation, but a BB cream (drugstore type as well) that worked for me since 4 (maybe 5) years ago after trying it from another review program and getting hooked with it. Just recently thought about trying other BB Creams to see if they worked as good as the one I was using.

And the reason for using just my same BB Cream was because the results: it worked as a foundation, gave full coverage (despite of BB creams’ purpose of giving sheer coverage) and matched my skin tone greatly (and you know how matching a drugstore foundation can be a pain in the neck because you can’t swatch it at the store to see if it matches you). And of course, boutique quality foundations are not an option for me.


But Fit Me! by Maybelline surprisingly won over my beloved ol’ BB Cream for lots of good points:

  • It gives FULL COVERAGE. There were days it even covered my dark circles without concealer (those days when I get good sleep and under eye circles are not the ugliest).
  • It gives matte finish.
  • It blurs my little but stubborn pores instantly.
  • Balances the oiliness on my face, which skin is combined.
  • Doesn’t cake on my fine lines.

I received a shade that was a bit darker for my complexion, but I went to the store and bought the right shade because I wanted to try this foundation. And I don’t regret doing it, because it is definitely great!

Fit Me! Foundation by Maybelline comes in a wide range of 40 shades. That’s a whole lot of skin tones.


My matching shade is 125 Nude Beige. As you can see it looks a bit lighter for me in the picture above, but it actually matches my skin tone really good.

Its consistency is liquid. The bottle doesn’t come with a brush to apply, so you need to use your own makeup tools to apply it the way you want it.  But it is easy to make it work for you.

Now here are the pics with my horrible face without any makeup against the other one with my face all dolled-up with my Fit Me! foundation. Excuse my terrible eyebrows, that day they did not want to cooperate with me (“yikes!” I know):


No concealer on the pic to the right! How fabulous is that? And of course, it is long lasting: it bared with me through my entire evening working shift (6 hours, but I am pretty active there and I sweat a bit). So as you can imagine, I am in love now and it became my preferred foundation instead of the BB Creams.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please let me know in the comments below and of course, share your thoughts if you already tried it and how much you loved yours!

~ Minimanimom

(I received my Fit Me! by Maybelline foundation sample from Influenster to try and review in exchange of my honest results).




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  2. Hi, I have neutral undertone and I am kinda wheatish fair. Should I buy nude beige or warm nude? So confused. I don’t want to look tan/ darker. I would rather want look lighter shade but again which doesnt look fake and blends with skin well.

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    • A huge apology for not coming back and answering this late! I am really sorry! I didn’t have the time to even check the comments.

      I do not have any knowledge about skin undertones. What I have been told when looking for a foundation, is to test it on the neck. If the stain blends, that’s your perfect shade, regardless if it is intended for neutral, pink or yellow undertone, without the risk of looking fairer (for my case that I am medium skin toned) or darker (for your case). I still need to visit Sephora to ask a MUA about the undertones. But until then, this trick has worked for me just fine. I hope it helps you.


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