Amazing Primer – Sampling and Review

Well, well! Seems like not having PC for a month was more an advantage: I kept taking pics of all of my new makeup and beauty products since I lost my ol’ machine, so now I have plenty of material to show here, yay!

Today I’m sharing pics of one of the most recent samplings I did…well, sort of recent because I’ve been using this product for a bit more than a month. And I have never fell in love with a sample as much as I did with this one. Seriously, I have to stock up on it soon ’cause I’m almost running out of it.

I’m talking about my Anti-Aging Face Primer by Amazing Cosmetics.



What I really love the most about this primer is, besides of saving time by skipping having to apply moisturizer, that it completely blurs my fine lines and pores. I’m 32 (and I’ll be 33 by the end of this month BTW), and my biggest concern are my fine lines that show up at the sides of my lips, especially the one on the left side that you can notice more. Caking foundations are a pain, and as much as I try to stick to the same base, sometimes trying new primers make them set on my fine lines.

But this primer does the task of make them go away while wearing it by making my foundation to not set on them. And it is moisturizing enough to allow me to skip having to apply face lotion, which is great for me because I am a mess always in a rush, and I always get in a hurry when I do my makeup (no matter if it is the most basic application, he he).


As you can see in the picture above, it looks like any other silicone based primer. But you can feel the difference between this and the others ones when you apply it, because the others don’t feel like you’re priming and moisturizing at the same time.

And good news: if you still apply moisturizer, the drop on my fingertip you see in the pic is the same amount you need to prime your face. Yes, a little bit goes a long way. What is not to love about it?

This primer comes in travel (0.4 fl oz.) and full size (1 oz). The tube I received to test and review from Amazing Cosmetics was the travel size, which costs $18.00 USD (full size costs $34.00 USD).

Have you tried this primer? Which is your holy grail primer?

Please let me know, I am always looking forward to recommendations in the comments!




    • I specified there are 2 sizes of this primer, the full size that is 1 oz (30 ml) and travel size .4 oz (12 ml). I received a sample of the travel size. I hope this helps.


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