Spring is coming: first attempts to stamp it (Born Pretty Review).

Work, work, work! That and children. Oh, and a husband. That’s what my life is all about and cropping and making pics to fit here takes time and now it takes me two days to complete a blog post (I started this yesterday!)… I am terrible, I know!

So this time, to cheer ourselves a bit, I brought a series of pics (or a pictorial if you prefer) showing you a nail idea that looks pretty now that Spring is closer (I love Spring, Summer and whatever in life takes cold weather away). And guess what? My pics show yesterday’s weather, which was sunny and happy as sunny can be (please forgive the shadow show off in them!).


For this design, we are going to need:


Lets get started!

First of all, you need to understand one thing: stamping is fun and not difficult to do if you count with the right tools to do it. I used to struggle a lot with it, I could not get my stamping to look bold and pigmented as other ladies do.

Then everything changed yesterday, when I used my stamping tools for the very first time. I could not content myself with all the joy when seeing how my stamper picked the complete image I chose from the plate, in an easy move! But what changed then? My conclusion was: the plate did a universe of difference!


Steps 1 & 2: Paint your nails with your base color. Allow to dry and top coat. Let dry well again.

Before my BM plate, I used cheap plates bought from Amazon that look like this one. The difference, besides the price of course (the cheap ones are $1.99 + S&H), is the surface: if the plate doesn’t have the images well engraved, then the stamper, no matter how good or expensive it is, will not pick the image neither completely nor with its full color.

This plate is so well made, stamping’s done like a breeze. The engraving of the images allows the nail polish to take their shape the way it should, so the stamper will pick them up completely. The images from the cheap ones feel almost flat, barely can feel any engraving there.

Step 3: Cover the skin around your nails with your latex barrier. Here I used is Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss or famously called “the peel stuff” by Simply Nailogical.

Sometimes when stamping, you need to prime/prep your stamper, so it will work the way it is intended to. I prime mine by buffing it with a nail file (regular, made of carton) very gently, not too much rubbing or it will ruin the head.

But in my case, not even priming worked, so I used to think I had terrible luck with stampers. I am so happy I bought my BM plates when they had their most recent sale!

(Peek-a-boo, I see you!) My stamping plate from Bundle Monster. And my cell phone and my hands…

My stamper from Born Pretty Store is so handy and easy to handle. It is squishy, which I did not think was going to work for me after the fiasco I had with the bigger squishy one from Creative Shop: no matter what I did, it completely not worked. But this time, as I was running out of time to gather the pics for this guide, I forgot to prime it and used straight out of its bag and OH LA LA: It picked up the whole image so smoothly and fast, with not even a single spot missed! Which means that you don’t even need to worry about priming it.

Step 4: drop just a bit of the polish of your choice on the image you want to stamp on your nails, scrap it with a plastic card (to remove excess of polish and spread it all over the image) with a firm motion and gently but firmly press the stamper over the image.

As you can see in the pic above, the image is complete and looks well pigmented, so it will stamp on your nail neatly. This also makes reverse stamping easy, which is making decals with nail polish using the same method, except that you skip the step where you stamp the image on your nails and replace it by adding top coat to the image in the stamper, allow for it to dry, remove the sticker and apply it on your nail.


With a little bit of practice, you will get to have stamped nails gorgeously and you will want to stamp your nails again (which you can, it is called pond mani, but that’s another pictorial I’ll show later) after finishing.

And here’s the result you get when removing the peel stuff after allowing your stamping to dry well and top coating:


Please ignore the watermarble accent, as it is a one thing that happens every gazillion years for me (this nail idea started as a watermarble one, stubborn me thought this time was going to be different this time but it did not happen). Also ignore the old lady, crooked shape of nails. And the oily finish on my fingers. And the excess of sunlight that makes yellow look super bright. And pretty much everything (haha!).

 Have you ever tried stamping? If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend the tools used for this pictorial. Remember to use the code MINIG10 (non affiliate) for a 10% off on your purchase when ordering the stamper and any other item from Born Pretty Store!

Let me know in the comments which other pictorials you would like to see! (except watermarble, please!), I would be more than happy to do it!

~ Minimanimom ♥



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