Amazing coverage, Amazing Concealer!

Who hasn’t struggle with under eye circles that: 1) is a woman 2) has kids 3) a husband (and  even without having these two species at home) and 4)loves coffee? I fit in all these. I’m constantly looking for the next new thing that helps me to make those pesky circles at least (at least) less noticeable.

Sometimes when I give up, I am happy with just making them look at their minimum tone.

Even full coverage foundations don’t help very well. I love my regular foundations, but there’s still something missing there, because I can still see some under eye shape where the circles go, and even some of the purplish stains remaining keep saying “ha-ha!” when I look at the mirror. I also tried the red lipstick trick, it was actually the only thing that looked it helped.

But lets see: to do a basic foundation application, I need moisturizer, primer, foundation, red corrector, concealer, more foundation (if needed) and setting powder. A lot to be done, especially in a rush.

Then I met my now beloved Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics and I am totally, totally devoted to it now!


I’ve been using my Amazing Concealer since the very moment it arrived in the mail. That was a bit more than 2 weeks ago. And I can’t describe how happy I feel to have this great product added to my makeup routine. Even the most basic makeup application needs this concealer! Why? A few reasons are:

  • It gives full coverage to dark circles, dark and brown spots.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Evens red toned spot on skin.

Plus, it helps to find and define your cupid’s bow and shape of your lips.



I received my Amazing Concealer in Light Beige, as I requested. It looked darker when seeing it in the color chart on the Amazing Cosmetics’ website. That’s why I decided to go for that shade. Once opened and swatched, I was afraid it was not my shade, because in person looks more like for fair skinned women:


But then I decided to still give it a try, and I wore it under my foundation. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is in this concealer, but it acted like a magic eraser that disappeared my face’s biggest nightmare: dark circles were definitely gone! Best of all, it didn’t settle in my (yucky) fine likes nor my pores, and a few small dots went a long way covering.

There were a couple of times when I could not use setting spray (I think I also did not apply setting powder), and seasonal allergies hit my eyes (can I hate windy weather any more?), which made me weep a tear or two now and then. My Amazing Concealer turned out to be water resistant:it did not “melt” with my tears!

OK, so now it is time to show you the results. Don’t  laugh at my bad lighting that makes me look whiter than I am with my makeup on (it was a sunny day and I took the pic under the roof on my porch, which makes a gloomy, super bright lighting):


(Yeah, I think foundation ruined the middle of my eyebrows…)

Caffeine’s results on the left, Amazing Concealer’s  on the right. Now stop looking at my face and focus again on the fact that you need to get this concealer if you haven’t. Do it and buy it now. NOW… OK maybe not right now, but the sooner the better!

Have you ever tried Amazing Concealer? How did you find your shade? Will you repurchase? I know I will definitely do!

~ Minimanimom ♥

PS: In case you were wondering, YES, you can use this concealer for highlighting and contouring.

I received my sample of Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics with the purpose of trying and review. My thoughts and experience are real and reflected in this blog entry.


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