Pretty in ipsy Pink! – February ipsy delivery (Review)

OK so ipsy sent a very cute bag this month. The idea of a virtual love letter as design is just adorbs (it looks really stinky cute in person!), and the content did not upset me as I thought it would: I’m not a skincare/hair care fan (unless it is marked as organic), so I cringed for a moment when I saw my sneak peek and found out I was receiving hand lotion…

This month’s theme was “Pretty in ipsy Pink“.

But then when it arrived I thought another small sized hand lotion was not that bad, after all, I can always toss it in my purse and have it here instead of my big bottle of hand cream from Bath & Body Works.

Once my bag arrived, I immediately opened the tube of lotion. Smells incredibly good (super sweet vanilla). Then proceeded to apply a very small amount in my palm and applied all over my hand… and no. It did not happen: it is too sticky for my taste. Even after spreading what I thought was the excess all over my arms.

Sigh. At least I gave it a try (but now it will be sitting there in my bag with the pile of samples I don’t use)…

Emporium Classics Hand and Body Lotion in Candied Vanilla by MOR

I just wish ipsy gave us the option to choose at least one item from our bags, that would make it even more amazing! That way I could replace the skincare or hair care item I don’t want for nail polish! ipsy always features nice brands of nail polishes, so being able to choose them would be a dream come true.

Lipstick Pencil in Passionate Pink by Chella Beauty.

Then the lip crayon I received looks more like a bright red than the bright pink it states in the description, so I don’t have swatches of it because I haven’t decided if I am going to use it or pass it around to someone else. But I definitely loved receiving a makeup item (with the other items altogether, of course) and all samples from this brand have always been good for me.

Now for the item I’ve been waiting to try the most from this bag:

Photo Finish Primer Oil by Smashbox.

Yes, it is as oily as the word oil makes you think it is, so you have to be really careful with the amount you apply. A less than a dime sized drop is good enough to go a long way. The idea is to moisturize and prime your face at the same time (so you skip having to apply moisturizer too) while make it ready to apply your makeup. Pores are indeed less noticing and it leaves the skin smooth.

And as you can imagine, it is not recommendable for combo to oily skin, because it will make you feel like a greasy mess. The idea is good, but I prefer to stick to my good ol’ Photo Finish Primer, from the same brand, since I have a combo skin.

However, I’ve been using it as a softener for my cuticles. elbows and feet and it did exactly what I read it also does: helps the skin on those spots to feel smoother and moisturized.

Mica Pigment in Sierra Nevada #5 by Naked Cosmetics.

This loose pigment is another sample I am still not sure if I want to keep or not, so I haven’t opened it yet. I have my stackable pigments from Bella Terra and I’m far from hitting the bottom of the pots. One of them has a pigment that looks like a dupe for this shade (Sierra Nevada #5), so I would not like to give away (if that’s the case) this beauty opened.

Small Tapered Blending Brush by Luxie Beauty.

And finaly, one of the items I absolutely adore to receive in my glambag: a Luxie Beauty makeup brush. This is their brush #231 (Small Tapered Blending brush) and I think it is the 2nd time ipsy sends it to me, because I already have this brush. I have bought several brushes from this brand, they truly feel luxurious while being firm enough to do my makeup, so maybe it was me who bought it…but still, I can’t have “too many” brushes, so this is completely a win.


Overall, this month’s bag did not disappointed me as other times. Yes, I received items that I maybe not give any use to, but they’re still the type of items I like to receive. I will probably end up trying all, that’s the whole point after all. The thing is, I still like the idea of getting surprised by the content of my glambag month by month.

How much do you like your ipsy? Did you like your bag this month? I’m definitely looking forward for March!

~ Minimanimom ♥

PS: If you want to join ipsy, click on this link!