Now & Later: Play! by Sephora – February Edition (review)

What do you do when your PC keeps being stubborn and insists on giving you headache, and doesn’t let you work by turning on/off by itself? You deal with it the Mexican way: you kick the crap out of it, so it gets fixed and you work happily ever after.

That and some thermal paste for CPU, which I also added. But this is not a blog about PCs, so lets get started to what are we good for here: reviewing. Today is about the contents of my Play! by Sephora box, which I really liked: only 1 hair care item and the rest is perfume and makeup.

This month the theme was “Now & Later”, which is supposed to focus on essential items that can be tossed in your purse and can be used day (now) and night (later).

As always, the at a glance pic:


If you read my post on January’s empties here, you will probably imagine I chuckled when I saw this mascara from Tarte right after I opened my box (unlike ipsy, Sephora doesn’t give sneak peeks until you receive your box, not sure how they do that).


Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte Cosmetics is one of the best mascaras from the mid-range beauty brands out there. Its pigmentation is great, one of the reasons I use it the most when doing my makeup. I like the volume and lift it gives to my lashes. The only thing I wish was different is the clumping it leaves on the lashes and on the tip of the wand, which has the shape of a cone that I think is a bit big to control the clumping of the product. But overall it is a really good mascara. I need to get the waterproof version (Lights, Camera, Splashes!).


Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford. The only word I can thing to describe this fragrance is fancy. It is a soft scent with a strong presence: I tested it on my wrist, forgot about it and went outside after half an hour. Oh my goodness, my nose detected it right away: with all what I can smell out of home, the perfume sort of “activated” its scent, if that makes sense (which I hardly believe it does, ha ha!).

I thought it was my imagination, but then I got my wrist close to my nose and indeed it was the perfume what I was smelling. Delicious notes in this perfume are woods and fruits.


Pop of Passion Lip Oil in Plumberry Pop by bareMinerals. This is a super moisturizing lip balm. Sheer but you can definitely build it until you get it as opaque as you want. Berry pretty color, it surprisingly looks not so bad on my yellowish skin (which looks ashy with berry and red tones, yuck!).


Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N9 by Make Up For Ever. A regular (meaning it needs to be re-applied now and then) satin lipstick that looks like a brick red in the tube, but once applied looks a bit more lighter. It feels so buttery on the lips! I like it is more on the (bright) orange side than the red side, so I can wear it and not look terrible as usual with reds.

Here are the quick swatches of these two lip products. Excuse the Highway of Hell map behind them:


MUFE’s shown in 1 coat (2 strokes done to get the size of the swatch) and bareMinerals’ shown in 4 coats (in 2 strokes as well). As I said before, Plumberry is very sheer, but it is buildable to get it opaque as in this pic, while N9 gives full color coverage with no effort.


Drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear Eyeliner by Láncome. I have no swatches for this one because I didn’t open it (although it didn’t come with any plastic seal on it) I intend to give it away to somebody who uses black eye liner. I prefer eyeliners that are brown (I have maroon eyes, deep brown eyeliner makes them pop better than black ones) and that can be worn in the waterline, which is the only part of my eye where I use pencil eyeliner (I prefer the gel type for the eyelids).

This is the crayon type of eyeliner. I have never known how to get more eyeliner out of these type of eyeliners without ruin them with the sharpener….

And lastly, the product that I won’t have any use for (maybe to refresh the drawers where I keep my daughter’s clothes):


BB Prét-á-Powder by Bumble and Bumble. This product has 3 functions: dry shampoo, hair volumizing and style extender. A super fine white powder, smells incredibly good!

The thing (or two, or three) I have with this one is: I have never been a fan of dry shampoos (I don’t get how can I like my hair looking ashy and dusty like all dry shampoos leave it); my hair is thick enough with lots of volume and to make things worse, very wavy, so I prefer to use my good ol’ mousse (I’m a very old woman, I know) to style my hair. The samples I am not are using piling up at a very fast rate, and I have no idea what to do with them…

Has Sephora started shipping this service to your city already? What do you think of it? Do you think is better than ipsy? Leave your thoughts about it in the comments, I’d love to talk about it with you!

~ Minimanimom

*EDITED* I saw I was missing the eyeliner and my “signature” after posting (sorry!)



  1. So jealous! Living in Hawaii, Sephora won’t allow me to have a Play! subscription! I can’t wait to move back home in September, it will be on!!!!

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