ColourPop mini haul! (Quick swatches)

Oh my, a week without posting anything! Cold catch me and I did not feel like doing anything for myself, I even did not do any nails for my Instagram. Well, just a couple of pics of my makeup (the makeup items, not myself) and that was it. Then my PC as always sucked, them my kids…you know, the usual.

But! Today I cheered myself up because I received my most recent order from ColourPop Cosmetics over the weekend and I fell in love again with the brand again! Not just on their gorgeous, creamy makeup but with their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks.


Yall have to excuse the blueish gloominess of some of the pics, stupid me totally forgot to take those, I took them once I was editing this post and there was no sun (duh!). But don’t worry, swatches show their true colors.

Lets first take a look to the eye shadow and highlighter I bought:

I also forgot to take this pic before swatching (double duh!).

These on he pic above are Puppy Love Super Sock Shadow (left) and Wisp Super Shock Cheek Luminizer. As always, so creamy and pigmented! Puppy Love is, as stated, a pearlized eye shadow BUT it can definitely be worn as a highlighter. This is a SE shadow with the purpose of helping the Best Friends Animal Society® and their NKLA effort to Save Them All®, all proceeds from the purchases of this product.

This first pic is to show yall how glowy these two babies are. They look pretty similar on my fingers:

Puppy Love Super Shock Eye Shadow (left) and Wisp Super Shock Highlighter (right).

How gorgeous are these two??? Add the satin, creaminess feeling to the skin and you have what makeup dreams are all about.

Then you can see the difference once applied on the back of my tanned hand:

Wisp Super Shock Highlighter (top) and Puppy Love Super Shock Eye Shadow (bottom).

As you can see, Puppy Love is more on the pink side, while Wisp is more to the copper side. If you are a fair beauty, you can totally rock Puppy Love as a highlighter, it gives a subtle, rosy glow I wish I could wear myself (my tanned self doesn’t look very good with this tone on my face). And Wisp is completely the kinda shade for people with my skin tone (I’m considered a light to medium shade, but sometimes I can be completely medium).

Puppy Love is $5.00 and Wisp is $8.00.

I also ordered some of their Ultra Matte. Again. The first time I tried them I found them to be Ultra Dry for me. I read they changed the formula of their liquid mattes, so I decided to give them another chance because their colors are still to die for (I had Midi, Solow and Highball that first time and all are by the half of the tube now).

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Clueless.

Guess what? They indeed changed the formula! It is still dry but completely not like the other Ultra Matte I bought first. This time they do not make my lips flake and I don’t feel the need of wearing a coat of lip balm underneath.

And this time I also ordered one of their infamous Lippie Stix. The color I chose is Lumiere, and it is part of the first collection collab with Kaithleen Lights called Where The Light Is:

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiére.

And after trying it, I’m asking myself WHY IN THE WORLD DID I TAKE SO LONG TO TRY THIS??? It is absolutely great! It is a regular lipstick, creamy to the lips and leaves your pout super cute after applying. This shade in specific doesn’t make me look like I’m overdoing my lips.

Here are the swatches for all the lippy products I got:


This first series of swatches was taken, as you can see, in natural light, no direct sunlight. I thought they looked a bit far than needed to appreciate the colors well.

Then I took another shot, this time under direct sunlight:


So thanks to this mini haul, I declare myself a fan of ColourPop again. Not just because the range of colors they offer, but their matte lipsticks are just perfect! At $6.00 a pop who wouldn’t love them? And now with them having an improved formula, this brand for me is so worth the try.

Which Ultra Mattes have you tried? Which of these you think is perfect for you? What other shades do you recommend me? I’d love to see what you have to say about ColourPop in the comments!

~ Minimanimom ♥




  1. Love this post! I also recently reviewed Puppy Love and Wisp on my blog! I haven’t stop using them since! And I have the Fetch Lippie Stix and wear it at least once a week! It’s so easy to toss in the handbag!

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    • I’m so sorry for the teaser then! I know how frustrating this can be! (it happens to me with nail polishes from Catrice) Do you know how much is int’l shipping from ColourPop?


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