#ManiMonday – Nail Bling! (Born Pretty review)

Who doesn’t love bling-bling? Everybody loves bling, even if it is just a little bit of it. Well, I love lots of bling on my nails, especially if it is a holo nail polish.

But I know how hard is to find a good holo at the stores, and if you’re (still) not into indie brands, you probably won’t find other options for holos from stores if they’re not from Color Club. BUT there’s still hope because we have lots of nail accessories that can give the bling to you’re looking for, and one of the most prettiest ways are rhinestones and glitter.

Here’s what you need for this nail idea. I’m showing the colors I chose, but you can basically use any of your preference, keeping in mind you need a warm toned and a cool toned nail polish (excuse the blueish in the image, apparently taking pics outdoors without direct sunlight equals gloomy):


  • Red nail polish. I used Shine Annie by Sinfulshine.
  • Black nail polish. I used Nailwear Pro+ in Licorice by Avon.
  • Chunky glittery nail polish with clear base. I used Star Shine by Pop-Arazzi.
  • Top Coat. I used my all time favorite HK Girl Fast Dry Top Coat by Glisten & Glow.
  • Rhinestones in different sizes. I got mine from Born Pretty Store.


  1. ) Paint all your nails in red except for one or two that you will cover with black and the glitter. One or two coats of base color, depending on how much it is needed to achieve them opaque. Allow them to dry hard.
  2. Choose one nail to be covered with the glitter. Add the glitter one by one using a toothpick (glitter placement). This is the reason the glittery nail polish needs to have chunky glitter, because they won’t take more than 1 minute to cover your whole nail.
  3. Using the same toothpick, add a little bit of the smallest flakes from your glittery nail polish to all of your nails in the area close to your cuticles.
  4. Add 2 coats of top coat. Do not allow the first one to dry completely. Apply the second coat and add rhinestones over the area with glitter. The top coat has to be a bit tacky so the rhinestones will stick and last on your nails better.
  5. Let everything dry hard and that’s it!

Here is how my nails look with the products shown in the pic above:


As you can see is a very simple look but yet has all the bling I usually love. You can add as much rhinestones as you want, there are no rules for decoration!

Another thing you can do for that silver accent: cover your whole nail with the same rhinestones instead of glitter. The small pot I got from Born Pretty Store has a lot of them, so you can definitely count with them to do an entire accent and still have some for the rest of your nails.


To pick the rhinestones, I have a picking pencil that you can also get at BPS, but if you haven’t bought one (yet), you can perfectly use your fingertips. Just damp them a bit with water (I have a small wet sponge close to me when I use rhinestones to do this) and pick the stones to add them on your nails. The flat surface they have allows them to stick to your nails smoothly, with no problem at all.

Oh, and if you can’t wait to order some from Born Pretty, don’t forget to use the code MINIG10 at checkout for a 10% off your purchase + free shipping and handling. Their prices are very reasonable, so these rhinestones and pretty much almost all of their products are a good deal (did I mention they sell makeup and makeup brushes too? this code applies to beauty items too!).

So what do you use to decorate and add bling or pizzazz to your nails? What products do you recommend? I am always happy to know about new ways to prettify my nails! And you know you can tell me in the comments below!


~ Minimanimom ♥

I received my rhinestones from Born Pretty Store for testing and review purposes in exchange of my honest opinion based in my experience.



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